UPG Time!

This thread is for you to post whatever UPG you’ve had, if you haven’t had a chance to post it elsewhere.

Let’s focus more on sharing experience, instead of arguing!


My bit of UPG is that Lucifuge Rofocal said he has a connection to Tezcatlipoctla, the Aztec God.


I had preconceived notions of Lucifer being a golden “renaissance angel” being, but I have only seen him as dark / draconic (in this plane and others).

I also thought Lilith was like a “sexy bat-winged lady”, but I have only ever seen her (in this plane or others) with bird wings, and never with horns.

I don’t have a strong opinion or understanding about the “true form” of spirits versus how we perceive them, but Lucifer and Lilith have never matched their pop culture depictions (for me).


If my adventures in Yesod hold weight, then, there are tomes I have need of.
Think of something akin to Greek Magical Papyri, but Meso-American. That is what I seek.
Trouble is, a well known structure possesses it. On a totally unrelated note, it’s Sol’s day & I must go to confession.

Angels don’t serve anyone. They’re more…individual and work together. They may have at one time, served someone but not anymore.


I have wondered if Lilith and the bird demons of Mesopotamia are related to the Hindu goddess Lalita (or Putana) and demonic dakinis (“flying ones”). That is pure speculation though.

She also first appeared to me as a bird, like a falcon, but with striations similar to a barn owl :thinking:

As for me, I’m sure I have a lot of other UPG I’ve rambled about elsewhere but can’t recall at the moment. Only thing I can bring to mind currently is that Sabnock always appears to me as female.


@Veil Was she a bird-woman hybrid, or a bird?


Just a bird at first, literally a bird. Later a human woman with long red hair and freckles, no wings or horns or tail or anything.

Best part was when I drew out Lilith’s sigil and slept with it wedged between my mattress and bedframe. A few weeks later I went to take the sigil out to meditate on and I randomly found, under my bed, an old coloured drawing I’d made of a falcon that looked exactly how she first appeared to me. I vaguely remember creating the drawing years ago, and yet have not a clue how it got under my bed.


I first saw her in dreams like a 10 meter big blue bird with a face similar to human and lion,she licked me and i feel like a kitten​:sob::sob:,and later like an perfect version of Angelina Jolie and now i am under medical treatment and cant do trance or anything(i am new to magick),can you channel archangel tzadkiel for me?i …you good

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You just gave me an interesting synchronicity, unrelated to Sabnock and perfectly timed, so thanks for that :stuck_out_tongue: I will not take this thread further off-topic, but if you would like someone to speak with Tzadkiel for you, I would recommend posting a request in this thread:

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Working deeply with Sandalphon’s energy, I found myself drawn to 80s music. I wonder if Sandalphon enjoys 70s and 80s music? Again, I can’t prove it in any way.

Quetzalcoatl feels primarily like Air. Kukulkan, the Mayan approximation of Quetzalcoatl, feels primarily like Water.

Quetzalcoatl feels as East.
Tlaloc feels as West.
I can’t discern the South yet.
Tezcatlipoctla feels as North.

Edit: maybe Xochipilli as the South? Passion of creativity as fire, and all that.

Edit: I feel like Metatron has the power of "time orientation, and this seems to approximate Amon’s new powers.

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Marrienne, the French “goddess” of the 1700’s, is a real entity. I’m not sure if she is an entity in her own right or if the Morrigan is filtering through her as a mask / construct. She is (or at least has an aspect of) a death and battle goddess associated with crows, has a legion of ghosts (no idea as to size), and has some sort of affiliation with Belial.

Her interests extend beyond fighting oppression and inequality in France to (at least) greater Europe. One of her legion is a silver ghost (presenting as female) which can teach you how to dematerialise/change your body density in dreams. Has some sort of rivalry with Lilith. May have a preference for communicating in Corsican.

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No. But can reveal past lives, including surnames, dates, and appearance.

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