UPG about the false self/the false god (whilst sitting with Santa Muerte)


Yeah so I was sitting with Santa Muerte whilst she was taking her offering. And as we usually do, we have a bit of a chat (well, she usually sits and listens, while I’m yapping about whatever. :slight_smile:) and we got onto the topic of the “false god is dead” and, this is what I got.

The false god is my false self. My false self is the false god.

So I take that to mean, the false god is far from dead for probably most people. Unless it dies (e.g. in the lake of fire. Because the false self is what dies in the lake of fire. Or some people spend years slowly killing it off by uncovering its deceptions and illusions, overcoming it, etc. Life’s too short for that. :wink: )

The false self goes by different names throughout the world. But it is the false god, and it isn’t possible to be a true living god while it still lives. You can’t know or be 100% who you really are (your true godself) unless your false self is done away with.

This follows from an experiment where I recently tried to bind my false self to force it to behave (to cut out the self-sabotage), while I learn to get to the crossroads in preparation for dying in the lake of fire.


Makes me wonder what happens to a person without a false self in the lake of fire? I mean, it’s possible to do that ritual more than once, or to not have a false self for other reasons.


Yeah it was the combined energy of all that self hate feeing a parasite that had to be handled a while ago, it’s kind of complicated, basically nothing is milking you of it now so you got to deal with that shit on your own. :+1:


In theory everyone has one. The false self, based off of what I’ve seen from the energy of the OP, is just false notions and preconceptions of yourself, generated by yourself and others. The labels one has attached to themselves. Also known as egomania.

The Lake of Fire is pretty much a place that strips the conditioning down and places you into the pattern of what you really are aka your HS or GF.


That’s about spot on. :wink:


That shit isn’t there after the false self dies, so I’m told. But you deal with life a heck of a lot better. The self sabotage stops. You feel much better. You are you, not some fucking caricature of you. :joy: Anyway that’s the picture I’m given in preparation for the lake of fire. Can you believe, I actually met my false self on the mental plane, who pointedly told me she wasn’t going to die in the lake of fire for me?

This is a ritual I’ve tried so many times, only to stop short of the crossroads. Once my mind saw the mouth of hell, it fled. So now Lucifer is trying to teach me how to get to the crossroads sans mind. I’m a LHP magician with plenty of good results under my belt via magick that did not require the TGS, and this is the first ritual where I’ve got to really push myself. Where I’m having to get myself to the next level.


I don’t know if the lake of fire has another purpose, but false selves can be reformed over time, if you don’t maintain a higher vibrational frequency and stop with the old BS. It still takes self awareness, and mindfulness after the fact.