Updates about ubi companions or lilth\ Azazel

As you’ve read already in my title, im curious for new info on these particular topics, if you have either or all plz do not hold your peace lol.

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Please use the search function. Succubi and incubi are a popular subject, and you will find many threads on them.


updated ones would do justice for some of my questions, but if i must read them again, sure.( i have read all i could find on here .)

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There’s nothing really to update? :woman_shrugging: … this kind of thing doesn’t change rapidly. :slight_smile:

I’m moving this post to the #love-sex-magick-relationships category… tip: you can filter down to just that category in your search so you get only succubus stories and not other posts that happen to mention your keywords but aren’t about them. :slight_smile:

It does seem the “ubi” thing was very trend last year or so, and people don’t really talk about it as much now. People are not likely to repeat themselves once it’s already written and this forum has 10 years of posting, it’s really a good idea to have a browse through. :slight_smile:

I recommend looking up the posts by BALG leader, @succupedia in particular, some really good stuff there.


There’s always new things to add, if you nitpick everything within the experience of these kind of spirits. But the longer they’re around, it gets normalized and it becomes a part of your daily life. In a way, it becomes a “routine”, just like any other relationship that lasted for years. But there’s always that spark hiding in the background, a zone of comfort, trust and love that binds us and them together.

With that being said, it’s never boring and there’s always something new happening on an occasional level.

The experiences can vary, but when the connection is established, the first months and the first year is when the most things happens. Sometimes to an extent that it’s too much to grasp.

The basics of the succubus is shared, and how they approach us and what they do to connect with us on a physical and an emotional level.

Then we have the individual aspect of the succubus to consider, and that’s something you have to figure out yourself.

When it comes to succubus as trends, it’s in decline right now, but it will peak soon enough. Spring or fall seems like a peak for succubus/incubus entities, or when society fails in some areas.


thanks for the confirmation. I’m truly grateful for you and everyone’s informative