Update on my Sigil and the effects im finding

So after two days of having the sigil i posted about previously created and activated, i have found that its not a full body switch what it does is it takes your current body and makes it look more like the intended target. I haven’t notice any personality changes but have noticed small Physical changes like my hairline growing back and my hair and nails growing quicker i have also noticed that my skin has tightened giving it more of a youthful look especially around my hands which aren’t as rugged anymore. Also i have noticed allot of the stretch marks i use to have are disappearing and parts of me are now appearing more feminine and loosing mass when it comes to muscle tone. So its switching bodies with the intended Target what i have found is the sigil slowly changes your body physically but it is very draining and took allot of energy out of me for the process to start. It did really help though with making my appearance look more like the intended target. Also want add there has been some facial changes mainly my nose has lost size and also i feel it especially in my hands and feet so will update every couple days to see if there is more changes. I’m already having a very interesting outcome.

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