Update On Depression And Lucifer Pathworking

So last time I updated you guys on my pathworking: that after I started working with Lucifer I felt depressed and like the things that I enjoyed I no longer enjoyed and that I was told I could lose my job. Well last week I had a huge mental breakdown and cried for two days cursing my damn stupid life. I reached a point of self pity where I screamed at Lucifer: “Fine, take my job and security, take my relationships, pound me to ground I fucking hate you and I hate this path and what I have become.”

And something shifted in me. I understood suddenly how free I was. I hated the job I had been keeping (it suddenly felt relieving that there was a possibility of it ending and I couldn’t do anything to struggle to keep it and deep down I didn’t even want to keep it), I also felt like if my relationships were not going to stay together when times got hard they weren’t supposed to because I deserve better people then. I understood I needed to vent and cry and rage about my burning life to understand that I needed to burn my cage I built down to be free. It felt liberating. I can’t quite explain it. Like knowing that no failure or judgement or fear mattered because my world as I knew it was ending.

After that getting up in the morning has felt quite reviting and I have felt more alive and capable than ever. Is this the light that Lucifer brings?


Great work indeed! Thanks for sharing! I believe Lucifer brought you the light you needed the most, your freedom (in a way).


I think so too but he did it in a way that I never imagined. Like taking away everything so I didn’t have anything left to lose and fearing the change became pointless. Interesting. Because fear of losing things had made me stagnant and I guess the fear was worse than actually losing everything itself.


This and more. What some people don’t seem to realize is a lot of time when we are being rebuilt, our foundations have to be broken and redone. If you build a house on a bad foundation, the whole thing is going to be unstable. Add in the that so much of the things we have/believe have been forced upon us in life so there is a lot to be cleared out. To me, Fight Club sums it up really well, “The things you own end up owning you. It’s only after you lose everything that you’re free to do anything.” .


Most things come in a way we don’t expect them to.




Thank you so much for sharing this update! This is a very empowering and insightful story. I know it hasn’t been easy for you but I’m glad you woke up and understood the lesson. That is not always easy to do.

Yes, it can be indeed. Check my recent post and it explains that to a degree. It is here:

I think it will be helpful to your situation. Let me know what you think!


Lucifer is the star that shines even in the darkest of nights. I’m glad that you have realized the freedom that he can help you attain.

In case you still have any doubts, I went through a very similar situation to you myself not too long ago. My entire life came crumbling down around me, and I was prepared to move across the country and work some minimum wage job if that’s what I had to do to be free of that mess. What I did not realize was that Lucifer had been shifting things into place in the world around me, so that I would be able to walk the path that I now walk.

Though I do not yet earn a great income, my life has become rich. Opportunities come to me with ease. I am surrounded by people that I respect and care for, and that give me the same respect and care in kind. I have many hobbies which are deeply rewarding, and I have the means with which to pursue those hobbies. My new work is stimulating without being exhausting, and even when trouble arises, I remain observant and calm.

When in the midst of the great wave of chaos, it can be difficult to remain calm and to see what lies ahead. If you can trust in the magick, trust in Lucifer and his legion of demons which now stand by your side, you will be guided to a free and wealthy life. Good fortune, ChiNami.


Thanks! I will read it now!


Thank you for this. Of course I still doubt wether or not I will be able to turn my life around but that made me feel good to hear your story. :slight_smile: It is very encouraging.


Told you. Now, look ahead and get ready for success, cause now it’s your time to shine!


Yeah I know. You were right. :sweat_smile: I feel a bit embarrassed that I questioned Lucifer but he doesn’t seem to mind it really. :blush:


The best coaches dont mind, you hate them until its games time and you realize all that shit they put you through was worth it.


Licifer is a bright star. Follow him.


This is almost similar to my story. Thanks for sharing. I have better insights now :wink:

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