Upcoming Love Spell, but Sort of Unsure. A few Tips please❤

Im A TOTAL NOOB to Magick.
Ok, so I am Totally in Love with someone. He never knew i existed. So for the very first time, I did a ‘Notice Me’ spell, ( i was totally nervous), and then i totally forgot i did it, thinking to myself Hey, if it happens cool, if not Cool , it was Fun to do. To my Surprise, It Freaking Worked!!!.. He did Acknowledge me, but that was it. So at least he knows I exist. Ok sooo, Now i want to do an Extremely Powerful Love Spell. I want more than Love. I want Him to be Concerned about Me, I want him to Care for Me. I want him to Respect Me, Just Know He is the Man and I his Future Wife he’d never hurt. Whatever, lol,
Ok, soo, this is kinda what makes me unsure if I want to do this,
So, Im not 100% positive , but I think that He may also be Affiliated in the Art of Magick as Well. So if I try this, Do you think he will possibly, in some way, be Warned? Not by anyone I kno, because We dont have friends in common, nor have I told anyone what I was thinking of doing, except ya’ll…
Also, like Im not a total Noob, I have read and researched and studied tons n tons of magick. From Candles, Sigils, Incense, etc… Buut, I have never actually, Physically done one. Except the ‘Notice Me’ one, and i was hoping i did it right. Which i did.
But my Question in Regards to Physically doing the spell, is
Do I have to Call upon Watchers or Elements , or Do i have to Do a Circle or it doing it around My Alter good enough?. Should i call on a Spirit to help Me? Would that make it More Powerful?. This is my First Real Spell I will be doing. And i want it to be done correctly and powerful. Please Help.
Oh btw, i have it planed for a day of a waxing cresent moon, so the day I see Him, It will be a full moon.
Thank you so much. Any tips or info would help.

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Sooo… is my post going to be seen or do I have to do it again. Im new to all this so , Im not sure how all this works yet… but Im Learning!

Not sure what you mean. Anything you post will be seen by forum members.

Oh, ok. I was only seeing if it was posted or not, because from what i see,The title Its not in black, Im seeing it a Grey color. So i was not sure. I can send u a pic if I sound like a Complete Douche right now… :slight_smile:

It looks fine to me :slight_smile:

Sweet. Thanks Love…

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You’re asking whether he’ll be warned because maybe you fear retaliation. It’s highly unlikely he’ll be warned initially. Depending on how skilled or developed his senses are, he will eventually catch on. It doesn’t mean the magick won’t work though. What he does after finding out is a toss up.

My advice is to keep everything light and simple. And if you do fear retaliation, refrain from any kind of working that involves controlling or dominating this person. If you don’t care and you want ‘powerful’, hire someone in case it backfires. You must be sure though. You don’t sound too sure. If you have doubts, don’t go forward with this.

No, im not afraid of Retaliation, im just a little bit concerned that the spell wont work. I know his temper, lol and if he ever did find out, it would not be a big deal. I just dont want something to whisper in his ear, _psst, some hot chick is casting a love spell on you. _ Thats all. Afraid, Never. Embarassing, maybe just a lil …