Up Coming Ritual A Warning

Maybe this is considered blasphemy, but you can never know that.

Since you’re not willing to share more information, I don’t want to dig deeper. It’s not a personal thing, I just wanted to understand your point of view.
Maybe we can simply agree to disagree.


You seem To Focus on Koetting A lot and a lot of his works too,if people like it then they like it if they dont thats ok,we all give freedom here.


I am sure that there is one of the most beautiful things to bring sancta Mater Tiamat back to us. Nevertheless the ritual has other goal. Of course as @UnseelieDiabolus allready say it this Ritual is in the agenda. Was written to happen.

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I honestly don’t have the inclination to put anymore info out there. You can look up my other threads about me and see for yourself.

All I am saying is keep your eyes open. Just trying to highlight a few key points.

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lol that’s a bold baseless statement. Strength comes in many forms. He’s “strong” in his knowledge of his own path. This isn’t DC universe or Marvel Universe strength isn’t based on such a fantasy ideology. Most here are “strong” in their path it’s not a competition to be strung up on someone else’s achievements.


Marvel lore is pretty on point in a lot of ways. A lot so called fictional works hold much truth in them.

Anyways, E.A. is a fucking high ranking god incarnate in human flesh. Who the fuck are the rest of you anyways? If someone of his calibre is being currently being eaten up by this working. Taking a few moments to ponder on it would be wise.

Give him his do respects too. If not for him this website wouldn’t even be here. You people have no clue whom Archaelous is.

This up coming ritual should had always been about him. Not the fucking 9.

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That’s fine and dandy in your mind sure, but flexing someone else’s achievements while acting like you know what everyone here is doing in their own and trying to gauge everyone by some fantasy mmorpg leveling system is usually a newbie like standpoint. No one cares about someone’s random idea of whose powerful over another reality doesn’t adhere to such silly notions.

You have no idea who many of us are either. This isn’t a dick measuring contest this is everyone who is involved in the ritual trying to work together regardless of you always coming in trying to tell them they aren’t doing things right because you think you’re the defining factor in what they should do. Don’t get me wrong I am meaning no offense but let them experience without you trying to lord over them from a stance of assumptions.


I’m not on the gatekeeper bandwagon so this ritual is irrelevant to me. EA may be his own god, but he is not my god. You’ve chosen to put him in your own pantheon. That’s fine. To each his own. I wouldn’t expect everyone else to follow suit.

As to the number of gatekeepers, its relevant what “gates” are being discussed. I could argue that there are only four or 360.


I was only trying to put out a warning is all. People have to discover the truth for themselves.

Side note. There are spirits that are ranked and are extremely more powerful then others.

If you think the opposite. That’s weird to me. Nature always favor the strong.

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Don’t get me wrong I don’t believe everyone has the same potential but to state EA is stronger than everyone here is pretty baseless. That and how will they experience the truth if you’re making it like they’re doing things wrong? I personally am not involved in the ritual but I am an observer, always have been and I’d like to see where it goes if at all.

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Its not baseless at all. He is the most powerful magician because he is a true god incarnate. E. A. has to downplay himself for you humans. It is honestly quite sickening to me.

He is holding himself back for all the wrong reasons. The Gatekeepers need him, not the other way around. Mr. Kendall too.

They are more powerful then you guys can imagine. They are both true gods in the flesh and you humans treat them like trash. They deserve temples and have humans at their feet. The world would be a much, much better place for it.

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what do you mean E.A had gun of his head ?

does dragons use guns ?

He is holding himself back for all the wrong reasons. The Gatekeepers need him, not the other way around. Mr. Kendall too.

Yes whole organization is false, but i know him in spirit and he will focus differently after this “project”

or atleast we offer him to

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You’re making more assumptions on everyone, it might be why it’s not taken as serious as you’d like it to be. I know what you claim to be just as many others. You do no one a favor by riding someone else’s achievements as if you know what everyone else is capable of. Being an edgy nobody doesn’t do anyone any favors.

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Why are you so angry at everyone? You say “you humans” with a derogatory edge to it, are you not human?


I have an idea of what I am and what my purpose is. I have also met some really powerful people on other forums as well. I wouldn’t call me a nothing.


I don’t think anyone here is a nobody, and everyone here has their potential, some “more” than EA some “less” than EA. EA is following his own path just as everyone else. He has many bootlickers who are “under” him because they choose to be under him. That’s all that is.


Fuck it. Just fuck it all. E.A. or Mr. Kendall should had put their own dick and balls on the line to bring forth the 9 themselves into the earth plane by fathering them.

Am I the only fucking person to get this? Fuck this stupid ritual in the ass. Mr. Kendall is riding everyone else’s shit.

“Oh I can do all of these stupid fucking rituals but I can’t power up enough to sire one of them into the flesh”. What assholes.

My disappointment is that. This ritual is a joke to me. A sad and pathetic one.

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First you are coming to warn people then you are insulting them :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:


That’s fine. I’m sure the people of this forum can succeed without you. No offense but while I with my own beliefs can see a handful here are capable with their own devices.

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