Up Coming Ritual A Warning

You really going to call upon the 9, and NOT call on their Mother Tiamat? Really? There are actually 12 Gatekeepers. You know like a clock? What about their dad Saturn? Fuck. This ritual is going so many different side ways.

No wonder Balg usual fails at this point.

E.A. admit he had a gun to his head in a video. This isn’t a fucking joke.

This is my warning to everyone. Call on your spirits and figure it out for yourselves. Tiamat ain’t fucking around this time. She wanted to make this statement be known.

To each their own will.

She. Is. Coming…


i been working with the gatekeepers deep,deep a lot.

we are going to call their father their father satolas,if tiamat wanted to get to get there she would.

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She fucking doesn’t want anything to do with this hot mess. That’s not even the correct name for him. Yeah.

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If that’s been your experience, then handle it on that level. It really boils down to your consciousness and how you relate to the working/entity. It’s different for everyone at the level of the individual.

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I am only passing on a message. Let’s not forget that this shit as nearly destroyed E.A. and he is far stronger then most people.

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Hm, nice.

Is this the upcoming ritual of the outer darkness to converge upon the face of the earth?

Any ritual work can destabilise an individual but only in proportion to self-knowledge, i.e. the greater the self-knowledge the greater the balance.

I think its more than that, not just destabilizing the individual, I think thats a given on these sort of workings.

Alright. If that’s what he’s experiencing, then that is what he’s experiencing.

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It would be good to have EAs opinion on this if this is something that nearly destroyed him, would be interesting to see what his take on so many people taking part in it if it was a trauma for him, surely he wouldnt want others to go through the same thing…unless ultimately it turned out well for him. Unfortunately I dont know the story so im just thinking out loud. It is food for thought tho if like @Purple says EA is far stronger than most and it nearly destroyed him. Is it possible that maybe many are going into this with their eyes closed maybe just following the majority in which case this could be dangerous.

Perhaps he’ll post about it at some point. We’ll see.

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Hail Tiamat the Mother of Chaos, sancta Mother of Deamons


As far as I’m concerned he is totally in shrugs


He’s totally in as in all for it?



Well thats interesting and reassuring.

Not doing something because you’re afraid of the result is the real reason for failure.


I have no fear I was just thinking out loud. To me if someone stands up against a majority knowing there will be backlash i think its worth exploring their view.

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So what will happen when we do the ritual? What will happen?