Unwanted guests

Someone is coming to see me from a different country and there is no way I cannot see them when they arrive. I can’t use excuses as they have given me 1 month notice they’ll be coming also even covid I’ve had it already cant use that. Is there a way to stop their travels? Really need them to not come.

Tell them not to come and give no excuse, you don’t need to be polite to people who are already being rude to you by foisting themselves on you.
Inviting yourself over is the height of rudeness.


Is this like an arranged marriage or maybe a parent who’s funding your lifestyle? If so, you have time to do domination work on them while they are asleep. Overall I agree with @Mulberry tell them it’s not happening. “No” is a complete sentence.

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It’s more like a boss. They wont be staying with me but would want to meet for dinner or lunch sort of thing. Really want him to cancel his trip.


You could possibly perform a simple binding on him that would prevent his travel. That’s one option that comes to.mind.

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