Unwanted Entities After Lilith Invocation

I invoked Lilith a few months ago and I closed it out by telling other spirits to leave. However, just recently the tv and dvd player came on by themselves and now the oven just burned the shit out of itself according to my wife/SO. Im afraid they are going to burn my house down if we are both working overtime and no one is here to stop them. How do I handle the imps Ive seen out of the corner of my eye? I dont think its the succubus as I feel her presence at work all the time when this is going on.
I have been thinking of burning sage at 3am while requesting the imps to leave.

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Im afraid they are going to burn my house down

I can’t help but think you are giving these entities more credit than they are due, it’s likely the incident with your oven is unrelated. I’ve had some extremely hostile forces around at times and no one came close to burning down my house. Why would they even do that? Because they’re simply evil and do bad things for the sake of it? Did you do anything personal to them? Probably not

There would be some serious issues if your house could get burned down after invoking lilith one time and having it attract a few spectators.

I have been thinking of burning sage at 3am while requesting the imps to leave

No need to wait until 3am, and you don’t need the sage, though I’ll admit it’s quite pleasant to use. Just scan for them, when you’ve found them look directly at their energy signature and ask them to leave, if they don’t leave then you can ask someone to remove them by force, because it is your house after all.

Just like insects, mice, rats, entities will find their way into your home if you don’t have proper contingencies in place, in some places you might find humans sleeping on your porch. They aren’t going to light your house on fire, but they will probably defecate everywhere or try to feed off you & your family; so it’s best to catch, remove or otherwise expel them.

Start with a banishing and see if that does it, then go from there to see if you need more.

If you search “banishing tutorial” using the magnifying glass icon at top right, you should find a few, you can read them through and pick one you like. Or for books Magickal Protection by Damon Brand is said to be good, or Psychic Protection by Robert Bruce.

Welcome to The Club of the Abandoned Spiritual Searchers. Once they arrive, they never let, and no one is gonna help you in a way that is conclusive, that erradicates your spiritual enemies. That is the most probable. So, pray to Michel Archangel if the danger is big (he don´t use to set you free of drainers, but he loves to save your live when you can really die XD ). So, Michel to avoid death. And don´t give up. Torture them. Some will leave, the weaks. Others, can dimish the annoying conduct, and some will remain withouth any concession. The last ones are the nightmare. I live with that kind of fuckers since long time. Develop your energy powers of combat, and maybe some day you will be able to destroy all that bastards by your own. Until now, sleep with garlic clobes in your chackras, or at less in your 2 and 3 chackra, put water with salt in corners and renew the water every day. And clean your body with an egg every day, cause eggs are cheaps :slight_smile: Enjoy your hail. Aliens Chiefs are glad to have you.

hone the voice of command.

most entities are themselves supplicants and obey unflinching authority