Unknown Sexual Energy Persists After A Banishing Ritual

I’ve tried searching for an answer on the forum, but have so far come up empty-handed. A few weeks ago, I was visited by a succubus, Sabrina, that I had invoked a couple years ago. She was interested in becoming my long-term sexual partner, and I consented. I’m not in any human relationships at this time, so we’ve been building a bond since she returned. I can always tell when it’s her initiating sexual contact (as opposed to others), and on two occasions, she has brought other entities to play for the night.

Since I’ve been getting back into magick this year, I have been performing a daily sword banishing ritual, as described by Damon Brand in his book, and also performing the master protection ritual everyday, which he recommends doing for 33 consecutive days. I’ve also been working with the archangel Michael, and my personal guides/guardians to strengthen my personal protection, as one of the entities Sabrina brought to play tried to overstay his welcome. He’s long gone, and I’m not worried about him anymore. Sabrina encourages these protection rituals, and anything else I feel I need to do to stay safe.

However, for the past two weeks, when I’m lying in bed and almost asleep, I feel a sexual energy that slowly creeps up and spontaneously arouses me, then immediately leaves. I asked Sabrina after it kept happening, and she said it’s not her, or anyone she knows. To be sure nothing’s gotten through my defences, I did a sword banishing one night as it was happening, but it had no effect. I’ve done banishings before for other things, that have been successful, so this surprised me.

This energy doesn’t feel malicious and I’m not worried for my safety, but I have no idea what it is, and it concerns me that I couldn’t get rid of it when I tried. To me, it doesn’t feel like a sentient entity; it’s more like an energy that comes and goes, right when I’m about to fall asleep. So far, my theories are that it’s 1. Maybe related to my medication. I’ve been changing my dose of Lyrica, which can cause hypersexuality, and maybe this is how this side-effect is manifesting. 2. Some kind of residual energy created from my invocations with Sabrina, but it still comes regardless if I’ve had sexual contact with her that night. 3. Sexual energy that’s been sent to me by another person or entity.

If anyone knows what this is, or has had a similar experience, please let me know. I haven’t gotten a straight answer from Lilith about it, either, who is my Matron. And how can I get rid of it? It’s pleasant, but sometimes I just want to sleep.

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Regarding option 3, do you know anyone that coukd be fantasising about you at that time of night? Sometimes that bleeds through so you could be feeling them?

I might try making a thoughtform copy of yourself as a decoy. Set it somewhen looking like its doing regular “you” things, and set up a mirror and invisibility shield on yourself, then watch your decoy to see if you spot anything approaching it.

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I asked Lilith again after posting and she definitely knows what this is. She won’t tell me, and says it’s part of my learning to figure it out for myself. Your suggestion of creating a thoughtform seems to line up with her response, since I’ve never tried doing something like that before. I’ll provide an update after I’m able to do it successfully. Thank you.


Looks like Sabrina was experimenting with her own servator, or something similar, and she ended up setting it and forgetting it. I think she realized what it was sometime after I asked, but it was another entity I work with who told me. Mystery solved!

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