Unknown message in a vision

Hello, BALG.
Recently I got a vision with these symbols. Could anyone help me decipher what they could mean or signify?

Kinda looks like cuneiform…

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Right. I was trying to search which type of cuneiform it might be, but there’s too many, it’s quite difficult.

Yeah, you might be in for the long haul on that one.

I don’t know if you’d be able to find somebody that works with cuneiform (archeologist or something?) that could look at it and try to tell you something

The Wikipedia page looks like a good start.
This image from there is a syllabary (a list of syllables). None fit, but what if this is a syllable? That implies there should be more to come and you could meditate on that to see if it does.

Sumerian, being on of the very oldest we know about, maybe start there and work forward in history.
By rough pattern matching you could get it into something like Ipezge, or Ipizgi.


Yeah you might have to check the different types like proto sumerian, akkadian & babylonian cuneiform possibly assyrian too.