Universal vessel?

Would it be probable to create a center piece for my Alter that acts as like a universal temporary “housing” whenever I call spirits. What I mean is let’s say I have said empty vessel on my Alter. And I want to call 3 different spirits throughout the day for example.

Can I literally have a tool on my Alter where when I need to contact spirit A. I call that spirit into the vessel then after that evocation I do the same with the next two evocations.

Do you guys think Is this a good idea? Tell me if I’m wrong but I feel like it would be a good Alter tool.

It send a tad redundant to me as vessel or no vessel the evocation works and is temporary, unless you’re doing that to keep coming back to the altar for the same spirit multiple times through the day.

But redundancy isn’t a bad thing so why not try it and see how it works out?