Universal Circle

Good Morning Everyone. I sat in my Universal Circle for 30 minutes meditating. I didn’t feel anything in those 30 minutes. I do not think that I am receptive to supernatural forces. I think that is why spellbooks that I have are useless. What am I doing wrong

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I take that back. I dunno if they qualify so I’m gonna stop talking.

Did you try to actually call out to a spirit or did you just meditate on it?

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Or DON’T. Keep your damn blood to yourself when working with chaotic, volatile trickster beings. Seriously. You might think demons wont fuck you over but they very much will, if it benefits them or accelerates your growth or some dumb shit


What kind of meditation? What did you do in your meditation? What was your intention?

Couple of things,
Many people need to build up their energy to be able to sense it, so energy cultivation techniques help - look up “pore breathing” here
Also, you have to get your intention and ask. Be specific. If you want to talk to a spirit, pick one and call it.

Maybe browse this thread for a meditation technique to try:

You could also just not have notices the subtle changes… don’t expect something in-your-face massive.

You can practice this skill in daily life:
When you are in a room, take note of the feeling or atmosphere of the room, also called the “ambiance”. Then, when you go into a different room, corridor or outside, notice how that feeling changes. Or how when someone else comes into the room, how that changes how the room feels.
Do this a few times a day. As you practice the changes in ambience become more and more obvious and you develop a sensitivity for it.
If you can do it in normal space, you will be able to notice when an entity enters your temple.

No I did not put my blood on it

BOTH. It was around 7:00 am in the morning. Maybe I should try using the universal circle at night.

I have worked with the Universal Circle for several months. As others have said, you likely need to work on your abilities through practice. I think of the Universal Circle as a SmartCar. We all would agree that not knowing how to drive & immediately taking that SmartCar into a busy city would not be optimal. The UC is like a SmartCar, it has neat features and can boost your experience. But this all depends on how much work you have done. Maybe a question to ask is: how much time, in hours, have you already dedicated to “spiritual abilities”?


yeah that’s like trying to fly a plane without being sure where your arms are