Universal Circle, Just arrived!

Hi All,

I just received my Universal Circle and it is Really Nice!
It looks to be made of what looks like a med weight waterproof tarp,
material and the Universal Circle is like Silk Screened on to the tarp and the back side is white but you can still see the Colors coming through just a bit.
From watching the, Video Course you can see what kind of test that EA
put’s it through in the the Desert and it looks like it holds up quit well.

If anyone has ever looked to buy a Evocation circle they can cost $1000s, and they are usually done on a painters cloth and look hand made and don’t come close to this one…

This Universal Circle has a lot going for it besides how cool it looks. Depending on what type of Magick that you study you will find that in the frame of mind that each Universal Circle can be linked together and it should be one powerful device added that with the Entity that EA has bound to the Circle to enhance it’s power.

I’m looking forwarded to consecrate it and start using it, just sitting in it I could feel the power coming off it and imagine it’s full potential once I can start working with it and all it use’s once unlocked.

I will add more once I can start working with it, it will be interesting to see what others of this First Batch of 30 Universal Circle’s will have to say… If and when EA makes more of these I highly recommend picking one up and unlock it’s full power with your evocations and other magical workings…

I also received my Universal Circle today! It is a good size for the occultist, and the quality of the material is top notch. There are some eBay sellers asking for much more for their evocation circle.

Are anyone else still waiting for their circle(s) to arrive?

Got mine early last week and I’m in the UK.

Mine arrived on 8th. Brazil.

Im satisfied with it. It’s large enough to hold my altar and chair.

I’m in the UK and waiting for it to arrive still.

I’m planning on purchasing one when they become available again, but I’m wondering what sort of packaging it arrives in? Unfortunately right now I’m in a living situation where I can’t afford to let anyone know I’m involved in the occult (ie, I’m surrounded by hardcore Christians and don’t want to start a shit storm). Is the packaging discreet, in case I’m not able to intercept it when it arrives?

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The total dimensions of the material is 145x145cms (about 58ins), the inner circle is 104cms (41ins) and the outer is 137cms (54ins). All measurements are approximate.

No instructions are included (unless I threw them away inadvertently!), I “go with the flow” regarding orientation.

E.A said in the video that there is a spirit attached to aid evocation. As a newbie fighting a bloody minded rational, logical mind I can’t comment on it’s efficacy at the moment…

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Does anyone know when these are becoming available again?

In the next few days. I’ll be making some announcements about it soon!

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In the next few days. I’ll be making some announcements about it soon![/quote]

Awesome! I’m excited

How long are these going to be available. … I can’t get one now,but hopefully I’ll be back in the the military within 6 months