Unique Symbols/Sigils For You To Use In You're Magick

Symbols Of Power/Sorcery To Utilise In You’re Magick & Rituals.

In this post i will be sharing with you a few sigils/glyphs/symbols of sorcerous power and magickal function which have massively impacted my own magick so you too can reap the rewards i and others havd from these magickal gems. This is my gift to you as i know i haven’t been as active as I’d typically like as of late.

The Exiled Key

This is the key to the current of the exiled beasts, some of the most powerful entities i have ever encountered. This key can be used to begin to tap into the unique energies of this path and these beasts. Tapping into the primordial ooze outside all existence beyond the outer rim, this key has a variety of functions and uses that the magician can take advantage off. This is essentially a key to which can be used to open many vaults and access many powers and sources of magick unbeknownst to the black magician wielding it.

• Empowers You’re Magick : This can be used as a centre piece in any and all magickal workings, absorbing the unique energies, intentions, desires and will of the operation and the operator. Containing it within this gateway and emitting that same power with in a potent critical mass. Pushing your magick to greater lengths and empowering any operation with the force of the ancient primordial ooze.

• Universal Application : It has literally universal application to empower not only your spell and ritual magick, but evocations, invocations, energy work and any magickal/spiritual science and art you may be immersed in.

• Acts As Targeted Gateway : Those that can scry into and open sigils and other gateways, they will notice that as this opens. There is an infinite strange mass of the primordial ooze very similar to the void, to the abyss yet different its outside of it. There is a very potent application for this as a targeted gateway, simply opening this as a gateway to a specific plane, realm, location, spirit and even a targeted person to work your magick on. It will open up a temporary rift through which you can you can travel through, pull things through, see and commune with things there and even affect people and circumstances on the other end of it.

• Gravitational Vortex - Another ability and function of this key is it can he activated with the intention of being a gravitational vortex. Allow me to clarify what this means, essentially opening it and placing a object, a effigy, a jar spell, spell candle, crystal-grid whatever it is onto it. This will pull in to that thing upon it whatever energies/forces/intelligences or beings you are calling. Perfect for consecration, housing spirits, binding energies and people, maintaining and stabilising magickal operations such as sympathetic magick, candle magick, contagious magick and so on.

• Talisman Of Reinforced Will - Going into ritual with this means that you can reinforce your will, pushed by the will of the hordes of beasts who’s energies course through it. Great for enforcing your will in banishing, exorcism, or generally reinforcing your will over difficult targets and circumstances in your life that your magick seems to be hard cases. Can even be used to temporarily overwhelm others and render them receptive to any implantation of thoughts, emotions and energies into them via sorcerous means. As well as allowing the magician to assert their authority when needed during conflicts or issues in evocation, or dealing with hostile spirits and situations.

• Amazing Meditative Focal Point - Not only is this an amazing focal point in meditation but it seems to actually connect to you and reflect onto your divine/higher/godself. For example you’ll be sitting there and amazing gnosis, ideas, concepts just start flooding through you. This is because it connects you to the highest potential self as if it were the magick mirror on the wall so to speak. Allowing for great clarity, gnosis, revelation, guidance and so forth from your own divine potential.

• Unknown/Mysterious Functions - According to the beasts this key has a variety of other functions which can only be discovered through working with it. In the words of one of the beasts who shall remain anonymous.

“Those that peer therein and charge the key in their blood, active it shall be and there the key shall respond to what the magician needs. Employing an array of different abilities and functions unique to that situation. The only way to truly know of its potential is by utilising it and utilising it now”.

Begin by gazing and activating it like any other sigil via scrying into it for example and funnel your intent and energy to open it. As you do this chant the song of the beasts below.

“Nar’resha Var Kuva Harsha Ramptah, Ramptah, Ramptah”.

Reciting this over and over the key will start go activate, it is then to be anointed either in blood or sexual fluids. Once done you can then explore and utilise its various functions and abilities.

The Black & Bloody Waters Talisman.

In my years of working with the feminine Infernal current I became infatuated and driven to harness the power and magick of the dark goddess and the feminine powers of the infernal plane. I began working with Lilith and was introduced to the four queen’s of hell, the four faces of the dark goddess, the four angels of prostitution and the sisterhood of the nightside, Lilith, Naamah, Agrat Bat Mahlat and Eishteth Zenunim. It was revealed to me after several invocations, evocations, channelling sessions and astral journeys that there existed a hidden abode where these sisters gathered. They gathered around a vortex which could be said to be a source of their power or an accumulative pool of their united energies and merged quintessence.

The vortex is known as the black and bloody waters, a pool of nocturnal, nightside, Infernal, feminine, lunar, sexual and even menstrual energies. Gathered around this pool are the hooded and cloaked partially nude bodies of the sisters, standing in unison as all phases of the moon shine their essence upon these waters. Their continuously chanting and churning these sacred and yet profane waters. This gateway is the opening directly into these waters which can be used in a variety of different ways for different reasons.

• Connect To The Sisterhood - This can be used as a super sigil to commune or connect with any of the sisters, to communicate or connect with one of them or all of them. It can be used not only for its connection but to amplify your connection and communication with them.

• Astral Gateway - This can be used as a gateway through which one can travel through and enter into their abode directly. Learn the secrets of the sirens, the monsters and the offspring’s of the sisters who dwell therein. Engage in sexual communion with the sisterhood and explore the many secrets of this dark terrain.

• Consecration/Charging - Open this symbol and place gemstones, crystals, herbs, candles, incense, oils, amulets and a variety of other sorcerous tools and implements thereon. In order to charge and consecrate those items, with the powers of Lilith, Naamah, Agrat, Eishteth or the Infernal feminine energies, and the forces of the dark goddess.

• Vortex Of Sex Magick - During ritualistic masturbation or group sex magick, one can direct their raised sexual raw energy into this symbol to act as a sigillic battery for this power. Which can be stored therein or used to transfer that power inside it, which will then be condensed, focused and aimed directly to whatever you desire.

• An External Anchor Source - This can be used in any and all rituals and spells, to anchor and invest the powers of the black and bloody waters to empower and intensify the magickal operation at hand. Perfect for glamour magick, sex magick, love magick, lust spells, qliphothic workings, etc.

In order to activate this open it like any other sigil, vibrate the four names below they will act as external verbal keys to unlock the gateway/vortex.


As you vibrate these names directly towards the open gate, envision the lines coursing with bloody red energy, then simply state the following.

“I open the gate of the black and bloody waters, in the name of Lilith queen of darkness. In the name of Naamah, grand Initiatrix, in the name of Agrat Bat Mahlat, the roof dancer, in the name of Eishteth Zenunim, queen of poison, I open this gateway before me”.

If you want to utilise the power of this sorcerous tool to its fullest potential anoint the symbol in your blood, semen, menses or sexual fluids. Whilst chanting the following below.

“Lama Key Ensit Veeku, Lamash Al Kalu Hemra Detra, Detra, Hoin”.

The Gateway Of Hamidah.

I was a part of a particular pathworking referred to as “The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers” wherein I worked with, called, invoked and dedicated myself to nine diplomats of outer darkness. One of these demonic gatekeepers, was the demonic king known as Bael. This specific gatekeeper revealed to me this glorious gateway which he referred to as “The Gateway Of Hamidah”. This acts as a talisman of literal limitless potential, it is the vacuum to the essence of ‘nothingness’. The domain which has gone by many different names, it has been called the zero dimension, the abyss, the void. In norse mythology it was called Ginnungagap and in the yogic system they refer to that dimension as Shiva. That name literally translates as “that which is not” a dimension of nothingness, yet limitless potential.

The longer I used it the more I realised the true power and applications of this talisman, it has been one of the greatest gifts I have ever received from a demonic spirit. It can be used in a variety of ways which heighten one’s own abilities, and allows the magician to peer deeper into the mysteries.

• Expansion Of Consciousness - It can be used as a meditative focal point, a sigil which aids in the expansion of our field of consciousness to literal macrocosmic degrees.

• Source Of Empowerment - In meditative states it can be activated and opened as a literal wormhole of limitless energy from the void, merely siphoning this energy into our energy centres, auric field, subtle bodies and even the physical body. Results in a significant boost of not only spiritual energy but increases power, if done before spells and rituals it acts almost as a magickal supplement to temporarily give you a dose of metaphysical steroids.

• Access To The Void - The magician can open this as a literal gateway to either project into, or allow their consciousness to connect to the boundless void. Tapping into this state allows for a temporal singularity experience wherein one is connected to nothing, yet everything simultaneously. This is perfect for more transient states of awareness and being, it heightens our facilities temporarily to be aware of spirits and forces which may be reaching out to you. One can also tap into the limitless potential that lurks within them and begin exploring the infinite dimensions of self, and so much more is possible in the void state.

• Visions, Revelations & Prophecy - If one immerses themselves extremely deeply into the dimension behind this gate, one is able to not only be temporarily extremely receptive but internal alterations within our psyche open up. Allowing for a uninterrupted flow of visions, gnosis, prophecy and revelations. The perfect tool for those seeking to really improve upon their ability to channel, receive and document gnosis in a very potent way without conscious interruption or self imposed hindrances.

• No-mind Clarity - If immersed fully and consciously one is able to enter the state of no-mind wherein it seems like you are literally dead or non-existent this is one of the most mystical experiences one can have. When you slowly and gradually return to somewhat waking consciousness, regaining sentience your thoughts, consciousness and mind will be so focused and silent, that you will possess a kind of mental clarity you have never experienced before. This is a great tool for those who overthink in ritual, meditation and magickal operations and seek to remedy that, this works great for gaining control over our mental state and even helps to maintain mental stability in times of great mental distress.

In order to activate this gateway, simply scry into the centre point as you do so envision the blackness of the void begin to leak out of it, allow your thoughts to become silent, fall deeper and deeper into the sigil. One must thrust themselves deeper and deeper into the folds of the onslaught of the trance which begins overtaking you.

If done right the blackness will not have to be visualised rather you will be so immersed into the sigils gaze that all reality around you, will not only blur out but will seem as if its temporarily gone. If this hasn’t happened yet simply go deeper into trance, allow the sense of detachment to overtake you and then it will. If one still has difficulty with this then one can simply visualise that blackness although for its fullest effect one should be able to enter that state.

As the blackness begins to close in on you, feel how it slowly but gradually eliminates all your senses and observation of the external environment and world. It starts to desensitise you and you are overcome by a deep sense of detachment from time, space and even self. In that moment the only thing which is exists is that gateway and even that will eventually be entombed in this blank black nothingness. As it engulfs you allow your intention to be the last thought in your mind, even that will slip away until you are immersed and interwoven into that source of nothingness itself.
As you slowly regain sentience once again, focus on the intention of opening that gateway, if its empowerment breathe that energy into yourself and feel how it charges every cell in your body, every nadi, every chakra, every fibre of your being with power. If its expansion simply breathe out deeply and allow yourself to be further interwoven as a field of mere awareness, expanding continuously without end.

If its to access the void, known that indeed you are already there merely become fully aware of it, by protecting that subtle body outwards into it to be fully present in spirit form. If its no-mind clarity then seeking nothing, do nothing, be nothing and fall deeper than you ever have before into it. If it’s visions, gnosis and prophecy merely focus on that force, allow your intuition, your intention and desire to act as a beacon to that which you seek, whilst remaining completely receptive nonetheless.

The Qliphothic Talisman.

In the years of my qliphothic journey through the many qliphas and under the tutelage of the many qliphothic rulers, I sought out one thing throughout. As I first entered Nehemoth, I reminisce on asking Naamah a particular question. How can the sorcerer tap into the fullness and unified force of the qliphoth, instead of one particular qlipha, or qliphothic entity. I was then offered a deal if I devoted myself every single day and night, if I gave up all my earthly pleasures and my life for the duration of my qliphothic workings, that at the end I would be given what I asked for. Finally I completed the extremely difficult first journey through the tree of the nightside, yet I sat there in my temple without that which i was promised. I was then instructed by Satan, to call on the presence of all the qliphothic rulers for they all had to be in attendance, even if partially called.

After the all night ceremony was concluded through litanies, invocations, mantras, bloodletting and offerings onto each of the demons who acted as my guides. Finally the night concluded with a strange hue which materialised in the smoke of the incense above my altar, therein shined like a fiery astral brand this talisman. It acts as a super sigil or qliphothic key of sorts, into the entirety of the backward tree of the nightside. The application of such a key/talisman is vast indeed.

• Empowers Qliphothic Rites - One can use it amplify any and all qliphothic magick, spells, rituals, invocations and evocations.

• Acts As A Gateway Into The Qlipha Of Your Choosing - One can activate this talisman, one may need only then evoke the qliphothic ruler of that qlipha to open the gateway before you to that particular qlipha. As the demon is present vibrate both the name of the qliphothic ruler and the name of the qlipha to attune the gate to open to that particular realm of your choosing.

• Focal Point For Qliphothic Meditations - It can act as a focal point for any and all meditations that have associations or correspondences with the qliphothic current. It attunes our energy body, our psyche, our very vibratory resonance to the entire dark tree itself.

• Qliphothic Charging/Consecration - One can open this as a sigillic gateway and place any items, tools or concoctions thereon to charge and consecrate that thing of your choice to the energies of the whole qliphoth, or certain qliphas or the certain qliphothic entity of your choosing.

• Communion - Activate this gateway and call forth any qliphothic entity of your choosing to engage in any form of contact such as channelling and other forms of spirit communion, giving you direct access to that entity.

In order to activate this one merely needs to open it like any other regular sigil, whilst first vibrating the names of the following qliphas listed below as mantras.


As your vibrate the words above envision that the sigil begins emanating with a fiery dark energy, coursing through every line of the sigil, intensifying more and more. Gaining a intense critical mass as this happens, state the following.

“I open this gateway now to the backward tree, I activate this vortex to the qliphoth, tree of the nightside, in the name of Naamah, Lilith, Samael, Adrammelech, Bael, Belphegor, Asmodeus, Astaroth, Belial, Lucifuge, Beelzebub, Satan And Moloch”.

This is then to anointed in either your blood, semen, menses or any other sexual fluids of your choosing.

Tablet Of Demonic & Angelic Healing

I’ve been summoning forth Marbas and Raphael, for quite sometime now to call forth the infernal/demonic and celestial/angelic powers for the rejuvenation, renewal, recovering and healing of the mind, body and spirit. A new sorcerous technology given to me by both this demon and angel, is this healing tablet.

The inner circle contains a variety of sigillic seeds serving unique healing functions, with their own specific frequencies and vibrations for the healing process of mind, body and spirit.

The outer concentric circle can be split into two divisions, the left side of the circle is an angelic script to anchor the divine angelic energies for the science of healing to the operation at hand. Whilst the other half of the circle upon the right is a demonic script to anchor the demonic infernal energies for the science of healing to the same operation.

Contained herein are two sigils one of the demon Marbas and the other Raphael, connecting their power, essence and energies through these sigillic gateways. In the centre is a artistic depiction of the real astral vortex which emits from the tablet once activated, conveying the unification of demonic and angelic forces working in unison for the overall full healing force contained therein.

This is highly consecrated and focused grid of healing power/energy and essence, the image/energetic link of the target is placed in the centre of the vortex once its fully activated and awakened to its fullest potential. Sorcerous sigillic healing seeds, infernal and demonic power coalesced with angelic and celestial power, what’s not to love.

Simply place this out before you, scrying into it and opening it to its fullest potential whilst vibrating the following names as mantras.


As you do this envision marbas sigil glowing with a infernal hellfire lava-like heat and imagine Raphael’s sigil glow with a celestial and angelic blueish light, as these sigils begin glowing with these energies plave you’re middle and index fingers from both hands in the vortex centre and state the following.

“I activate this healing tablet, in the name of Marbas and Raphael, awaken, awaken, i activate its power and function within you”.

Simultaneously visualise the inner circle glowing with white glowing light, whilst the demonic script glows the same fiery colour of the sigil of Marbas and the angelic script glowing with the same colour of Raphaels sigil.

The Venusian Triangle Of Astarte : Triad Of Attraction, Domination, Love & Lust.

In a evocation of Astarte I began posing questions onto her, about how I could overall improve upon magickal operations pertaining to love, lust, seduction, glamour magick, sex, beauty etc. In doing so I channeled piece by piece this. Astarte refers to it as “The Venusian Triangle”. Which when used correctly acts as a sacred space and potent vortex to empower all love spells, rituals, operations etc.

Another interesting aspect here is the fact, that during this she really insisted I used her new and improved sigil as the centre piece channeled by Aserial Krabat.
Astarte has also mentioned besides the obvious potency and overall empowerment in these sorts of magickal operations, she claims it can also act as a triangle of manifestation in evocations within her. As its energetic integrity holds within the perfect energies and elements to be an efficient sacred space for her to manifest/materialise, which she claims will not only empower her manifested form, but anchors her in this plane and in that sacred space.

Of course it’s primary function is love/lust/attraction magick, yet simultaneously it has yet another function one can actually charge herbs, amulets, talismans, oils and other sorcerous concoctions in the centre saturating it with her venusian power and essence, as somewhat of a magickal ‘charging dock’ for a lack of a better descriptive terminology.

Simply place your middle and index fingers from both hands upon the two lower points, left hand on the left point, right hand on the right point. Whilst simultaneously gazing into the centre sigil of Astarte and state the following as it activates.

“In the name of Astarte, i activate the venusian triangle,
I harness the powers contained herein,
I utilise its sorcerous functions to
(input what you’re using it for)
So it shall be hail the goddess of love,
The queen and the most high”.

Envision the small venus images at each point emanate the light of ‘the morning star’ as the entirety of the triangle activates, then visualise a red astral mist gathering around it formimg a astral triangle and a open pinkish red vortex in its center.

The Gate Of Consecration

This particular symbol of power I’ve used in so many unique ways a fun and very usual method of this is to draw it upon a image of lets say your buisness logo, your album cover, a literal website and so forth. Activating it and projecting your energy into that projected sigil which is superimposed upon the gateway, whilst emanating the desired vision of success. Can literally consecrate that buisness, that item or thing to be successful, this of course is a very basic use of it.

You can also use this for general consecration in general it acts as almost like a energetic anchor and vortex to magnetise to that item its superimposed on to be consecrated. It acts of its own accord until any element, energy, force, entity or power called upon has been fully absorbed onto whatever its been superimposed on.

Protection Yantra/Sigil.

This actually is not mine its Aserial Krabat’s a fellow brother/friend of mine who actually asked if I’d try it out and i absolutely love it, it works well and therefore he asked if I’d share it on the forum and so here i have. This is all he’s said about it.

"Before you have a Spiritual Protection Yantra that has been constructed with sacred geometry and divination techniques from various sources. It holds 3 protective layers that are all linked to your bioelectric torus field / Aura which directly links to your energy centers.

The first layer is that of shielding and Protection.
The second one is a layer of defense and attack
The third one is for Reflection and neutralization.

I have placed elemental glyphs and programming words in the empty circles and space within each layer while also connecting the defense layer to saturn and mars. Feel free to add your own to it" - Aserial Krabat.

In Conclusion

I hope you enjoy all of these comment down below your thoughts, maybe what kind of energy you get from them and of course if you plan on using them let us know, how and why are you going to use them. Share with us you’re results and so forth, its good to be back all.



That’s a lot of words :see_no_evil:. But also a lot of useful information. Thanks for sharing this with the forum!

Some of these look familiar, you have used them
In some of the rituals I have hired you for right?

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love these, thank you! I have a passion for talismans my whole magick is based on talismans, seals, sigils, amulets and words of power mainly. Can I ask what software do you use to draw these out on?

Couldn’t have come at a better time, especially the Qliphothic talisman which will be of great help to me, thanks.

Hello and thanks for sharing. I have a question. I have a spirit that I want to bind. I have read that it has to be done with mutual agreement nd in peace, but it does not want to agree so I am forced to exorcise myself, if indeed it is a possession. That said, can I use the first simbol to remove the spirit and at the same time force it into a quartz crystal. It has information that I need to know on how it can do certain stuff to the human body, I can share with you once I am done. I have also read that these type of spirits do not change, so I want keep it and if it wants to change fine, then if not, it will have to be gone. But the information is key.

As a Gravitatinal Vortex, it will have to go under the Flower of Life as the Spirit is being housed in a quartz crystal, or do you recommend another type of housing?

Also, would I need two, as one is a VORTEX and the other the Talisman of Reinforced will? Thank you. Have an excellent day.


What are you trying to bind a djinn?

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A spirit that an ex girlfriend sent. It is not a demon, it is some form of impostor parasite, but it has some knowledge I need.

Thanks for sharing dude!

For now i only have the exiled key in my practices. For a long time i have it activated for specific intent of empowering continuously any and all rites and by my abstinence kultivating continuesly spiritual energys for further empowerment of any rite thatll follow.

So i meditate upon a self alchemical transformational sigil with mantra and fokus.

Time passes by and the meditative states deepens. I literaly feel that the inner and outer atmospheres of spiritual energys only heighten, as i progress.

Than as my spiritual sight kicks in i perceive a amass of a Black figure or mass of Black inner core and greenish outer layer the form whas something like that:

[Dark Souls Humanity Item]

It attached itself unto the symbol i meditate upon and somehow makes the whole proccess of impression change and transformation more loaded and powerfull.When i whas done this being or mass of energy howered back into the exiled key painting:

I had calld an ancient sorcerer into my ritual space and there where literaly energy orbes or lights howering above my ritual tools and objects the whole tempelroom i could say.

And than i was done there this black being also howered above my Bed for a while.

It is really worth doing this key per hand(evwn thoigh per Kendall sugestion the symethry is important too) and imbibing it with your energys and Passion.

Include it in nearly everything and itll only geting more and more powerfelull per usage, presence, and programing you do. Also the beasts included who are since the activation working behind the scenes.

:black_circle: Lux :skull_and_crossbones: Anguis :white_circle:


For the healing tablet, once youve activated it do you have to keep activating it for each subsequent use? Or just scry into it and vibrate marbas and raphaels name? I plan on experimenting quite a bit with this.

Im gona use Astartes triangle for a more empowered Self love rite . I need that right now in this hardcore working of my shadow and ego deaths…