Unique situation to me

So I have a unique situation to me, but my question is can you do a blind evocation to the LWA whilst in a house full of ghosts, without Legba intervening, I work with Kalfu alot, but I don’t know if he has answered me properly or not.

Legba tends to hijack my evocations in a sense like he is not allowing free conversation to flow to the spirit that I’m trying to call on. And I need a spirit who is good at will manipulations and I don’t need to hear the 3x karma crap. To me it doesn’t exist

Have you tried the lhp protection circle when evoking a specific spirit it can prevent any interference

That’s his job within that current.
Millions of Voudun practitioners beliefs reinforce that energetic dynamic, you’re trying to swim against the tide… and since it’s there for your benefit, I’m not sure why you want to depart from it.
If you go through him to get the first into, I think you can call them directly after that.

I don’t know why Papa Legba would talk about karma, that’s from a different current in a different culture and country, and has nothing to do with him. He may be trying to warn you, or this could indicate fear on your part, or an impostor.

I think he should let you have enough rope to hang yourself and you’ll sink or swim. But he’s nicer than I am :smiley:
I suggest you empty your cup and listen to his lessons, he’s been doing this a long time and knows what he’s about, and he’s not trying to fuck with you. I mean, well he might be, but in that case you deserve it, as within that current the slightest disrespect gives permission for some terrific backlash. But you know that.

After that, have you asked Papa Legba about it?

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@Maulbeere thanks