Unique circumstances - get my ex back

Hi, I am ashish. I have no background to any rituals or magic. Certain events i will list below prompted me to do research online which landed me on this site. Of all the forums, practitioners and youtube videos i have seen - this forum seems authentic and i feel convinced that i could do something from knowledge here or atleast get the right advice from a list of such experienced members.

So what made me search and look around the internet - I have been with a wonderful woman for the last year and half and everything was great. Certain things at her work prompted her to change her course of life (to keep the story short) and based on advice of her sister etc she has decided to pursue her masters in a different country. And because of which she decided to part ways with me as she does not want to carry commitment during her education.
Now that brings me to why i am here. I met her a bunch of times after broke up and i can clearly tell that she is still in love with me just as much as i am in love with her. She just does not want to carry relationship abroad. She says meeting and speaking to me is making it difficult for her to move on. Now why are i here - my situation is different from a lot of get your ex back (where they screwed up etc or the love is lost) since we are still in love with each other but circumstances are coming in our way.

I want to see if i can do something to make her realize she can do both - be in love with me and do her studies. Or 2 (i know i sound nasty) if there is a way i can prevent her from getting a visa… I am either way getting a promotion at work and will move abroad in a year and i can support her with what ever she wants to study then…

Well… my ears are all open and ready to hear what i can do and how… Please help.


Hello all… Please throw in your views and what i could do… I really need help.

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Do you want advice on your life situation or magickal situation`?

Hi Daniel. ’

With life situation i understand it might me - get a life and move on and find someone else…

That said please advice me on both. From magic i would like to know if i can stop her from getting there. As to life how would you suggest i go about it…

Thanks in advance.

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Take a look through this:

You could also try this method: New and desperate as fuck - (Evoking Sallos)