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Hey There EA
I really wanted to ask this for a Long time
So,a year ago I made a Blood Pact with Lord Lucifer a.k.a Lord Satan and from the Day i made a Pact everything got tottally changed and the Change was not Good It was Chaotic and everything Got messed up and mess was not with my Finance or Releations it was with myself My Mind I became a tottally different person
It was a Total Chaos and Confusion sometime i think I became victim Of OCD
But anyway is Lord Satan doin this to me to Improve Myself and for my Personal Development or Do I Invited any Parasitic Entity that day which Rapes my Mind all day long still now…:scream:
I would be thankful to ya if you helped me to getout of this HeLL cause this thing sometimes gets too heavy that It Sometime bring Suicide thoughts In my Mind😳
And I Need to do somethin before it’s too Late💀
As it’s coming in my Road To My Destiny
Note:And Also that day I didn’t used any Safety measures during Pact


I don’t think EA actually responds to forum posts, but I believe he reads them.

It might be easier to contact him via email.


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I’ve never made a pact as I never felt the need so take what I say with a grain of salt… when the suspicious, doubtful, overanalytical mind starts playing a major role on deciding what to believe for itself, it can turn sour exactly like a trip. An acid or mushroom trip can be A-OK but all it can take is one little thing that ticks it and turns it into a bad trip.

You’re wondering if it’s your mind making this shit up or if you fucked around with something that you weren’t suppose to or ready for. My suggestion is a banishment spell, aura protection and to observe noteworthy points starting from last year that could point towards your qualms. It could be a test, purely circumstance/kamma, or simply byproduct of your living situation with or without the pact. It’s hard to find the discrepancy.

A couple weeks ago I stayed up until 6am to my room feeling like a heavy abyss and when I closed my eyes to try sleep (couldn’t since 1am) I just saw red and felt a dark presence then began to have vividly detailed images and visions of gruesome stuff, I had somewhere important to go to that day so it threw me off balance just a bit but sometimes our mind is the ultimate dictator of what it perceives.

Whether or not these come from an external, powerful force or brain chemistry/hormonal/or total dissatisfaction with self is the discrepancy one has to makes.

The human condition wasn’t designed for smooth sails, it was designed to survive. Surviving with all the purpose you have is simply why you’re here. We are meant to experience continuous overlays of good and bad so has there been ANY positive changes or impact over the year? Or none at all?

If you from the soul feel as if there is something that just isn’t right, perhaps making rearrangements or to enquire to see if the pact is in full effect seems to be something that I would do. But nonetheless, work on the fundamentals and foundation of your life. No one is perfect, we all make mistakes, sometimes it’s hard to make the dichotomy between bareback material world/reality impact or an external force in the making. This could be him testing you but I’ll leave it to the more knowledgeable ones.

While we’re at to become living gods, we mustn’t forget to also be loving gods :slight_smile:
Also, don’t forget to meditate daily!

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Thank you for your time

Whatever you’re experiencing is apart of your full entrance of the abyss. It is either gonna make you one of the few to reckon with, all empowered, and consciously aligned or it is to destroy you from the “inside” out!

Oh Em Gee…

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If you’re not practicing aby form of yoga of meditation start. You don’t need anything too advanced but the general breath retention practices, counting five on inhale and five on exhale. While doing so begin to talk to your consciousness for it is already sensitive enough to pick up direct communication for you have opened it when you opened yourself up to Satan’s energy. On every inhale when you hold it, tell your consciousness internally to “balance Satan’s energy”. Start every day though. You need meditation, it is key! Most don’t understand that the mind must be in a certain state before taking in those energies in full because even if he wasn’t trying to hurt you he was created out of chaos, breaking out of The sephiroth sphere Gevurah so it is his nature and will manifest if the proper precautions are not made. Seeing that no one hasn’t taken over and you still have some of your kind shows that consciousness is trying to figure out what to do with the energy. This is when you come in with your meditative practices. The example I gave you is of the merkaba and may cause severe migraines but will eventually fade away with his energies being balanced. But this is why Ancient one Aleister Crowley stressed initiating oneself within the sephiroth first before entering the qliphoth. Not so much of actually controlling the qlippoth but so that one nay successfully possess and aligning with their existence and power. And this was told to Crowley directly by Nyarlathotep as Aiwass, an Ancient one!

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Can in any way Lord Satan alter physical reality?

Of course​:joy::joy:. If you’re just dabbling, then bro you need to stop and focus on building yourself up and do lot of studying. I have years. You’re talking about the one of this material world. Who even walks the earth at times. Don’t be fooled into believing this fluffy personification of him. You can end up in some shit