Unification With The Infernal - 90 Day Operation

I’m with it, but I might have some issues based on where I live

I’d like to join if there’s still a spot open

I would like to join!

Can we have a private conversation?

Can I join?

Before you unite with the infernal, please take some time and introduce yourself in the proper category here
https://forum.becomealivinggod.com/c/new-magician-help by clicking the “New Topic” in top right

Some Ideas for your introduction:

Introductions are not optional.

Also please take some time to read our forum rules, right here:


Screw it, I will join too.

I’ll join thank you

Good piece and idea. I will like to join

I would like to join!

Yo @C.Kendall
Add me :metal:

Hey @C.Kendall can I join?

OK count me in please!

Pleasure to join

I would like to join too please.

Would be a pleasure to join you. Lets do it :smile:

I want to join

I want to join, become greater than ive ever been before, thank you.

I would like to participate but my skills are not that advanced yet.

I’m in