Unification With The Infernal - 90 Day Operation

Unification With The Infernal.

This is a ninety day operation, aligning the magician with the infernal empire.
You’ll obtain power, demonic purification, invocations, vibrational attunement with demons.
As well as dark empowerments, Saturnian and black sun empowerments and initiations.

You’ll make a covenant (Pact) with the whole of the infernal empire, they swear their alliance to helping you in you’re life and Ascent.

Many other rites and mediations, working with Bael, Asmodeous, Azazel, Abaddon, Belial, Lilith and many more.

This is just the beginning this ninety day operation will be a group working who’s up for this remember you have to be dedicated.

If you want to join me in this awesome ninety day operation comment below.




First! I’d love to join in. Thank you for the opportunity.

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I would love to be a apart of this Mr. Kendall!

@Lady_Eva and @DarkestKnight please forgive me. My next post will be a proper introduction in the New Magician area of the forum.


I would like to join in on this as well I’m looking for something to comit to so I may empower and prove myself to my patrons and my own rise.

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Oh id love to join itll be a honor!


Okay great I’ll just leave this for a while see who’s joining all together then get the group set up.

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Care to give a quick breakdown of everything that’ll go in this? Also, I’m interested but am currently in a pact working with Naamah.

Well I gave a brief breakdown already basically it’s rite of empowerment, protection, purification, cleansing, initations, Qliphothic visions quests, working with various demons for specific goals.

There is a 6 month operation called the unification of the divine.
At the end of the 6 month operation the magician gets the ultimate goal of meeting and forming a bond with their guardian angel.

In the unification with the infernal, you’ll empower, initiate, fortify, evolve to a point where at the end of the operation you’ll meet your personal demonic guardian/black guard.

You’ll gain your infernal enn too which is a enn given to you by great demons, for rousing you’re demonic aspects of self.

There is a lot more that goes into this too.


This is highly interesting to me. How far along would you suggest people be to join?

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Certain parts beginners can do and certain parts they cannot but you’ll still be able to gain benefits.

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I am very interested!

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@Mulberry for some reason it says you’re not accepting messages so I won’t be able to add you to the group until something’s done about that.

I am very interested in this, please add me.

I’d love to join as well!

Yes please

Gotcha! When will this covenant begin?

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Also interested

Operation Infernal Unification:

I’m in. When does this operation begin?

I’m in too.

You’ve all been added.