Undoing a Chakra Blockage - Tutorial

Hey guys, I have come to some fantastic discoveries that I want to share with you and get your opinions on. This is a perspective into chakra blockages that I recieved and I think will be immensely helpful to people. The metaphor I will be using is string and a loop of string!

For this example I will use a root chakra blockage.

First of all, the string.

Look at that blue dot on the string, that blue dot is you. That string stretches infinitely from left to right. You are on that infinite string, connected to and in sync with the infinite nature of boundless reality. It is your true nature. All of infinity is composed on this string. You are a free and happy dot. Until…

You got murdered! In an infinitely free reality getting murdered was just a thing that could happen to you. But unfortunately you have come back with a root chakra blockage. Let’s look at the string now.

You are still the blue dot. You are no longer in sync with a perfectly infinite and free reality. Due to the nature of your root chakra blockage you are now feeling unsafe. Also, because of your root chakra blockage you are now hyper-aware of the physical as well as percieved threats to your physical safety. The red dot is the event on the string, getting murdered. The loop or blockage is the new state of being your body created to keep you safe from experiencing that trauma again.

In a sense this was an intelligent decision. You are composed of intelligence.

By being hyper-aware of physical threats you will be more perceptive than most in the immediate sense. However it is unfeasible long-term. Your kundalini is blocked. You have moments of anxiety and feeling unsafe, maybe even unstable. Why do you feel this way? Because your body wants to protect you from the trauma of getting murdered again with this new awareness.

So what must you do? Understand that unblocking chakras isn’t about tricking, fighting or overpowering yourself. Work with your body. Understand that it was wise in blocking you. We can’t long-term sustain chakra blockages, it is not good for our health, the infinity of our true size can not fit inside that loop of string. The loop is a false world you created for a purpose. A world of feeling unsafe as a way to keep you safe.

What you should do is use the temporary blocked time your body has given you to understand what you need to. How to not be murdered again in ways other than feeling constantly unsafe. “I am safe in the universe wherever I go” learn to manifest your own safety. Gain spiritual power and knowledge. When you are in sync you are powerful and safe. Your block is to keep you temporarily safe and understand this.

So while I used the root chakra for this example, it works with any chakra. My issue chakra is the throat. Instead of being hyper-aware of the physical I tried to avoid it. I didn’t want to see, or percieve. I believed racing thoughts and the urge to be busy was because subconsciously I wanted to rush to healing, but in actuality I was trying to distract myself. I didn’t want to see truth. Why? Because as we know from above facing truth caused me pain, so I lived in a loop false world that wasn’t comfortable because it can’t hold my true and infinite size.

An uncomfortable reality means you are living in a constructed loop world because you haven’t yet figured out how to be safe and strong inside the infinite freedom of the true world.

(The RHP was also blocking me and curses exist so these can also be reason for your issues at times.)

Anyways look at you now! A stronger and more ascended blue dot that learned a tough lesson within an infinite world of potential. But now you can keep yourself much safer through learning how to manifest safety. Good job!


Well written! I like this perspective, especially because it puts the accountability and responsibility back on the viewer me and removes any excuse of self vitimization by opening the mind to the idea of lessons needing to be learned instead of karma to be paid.

Well done :raised_hands:


Thanks for sharing!


That’s some quality right there :slight_smile:


Great stuff, don’t forget you can add any methods & tutorials that have worked for you to the Unofficial Forum Tutorials Directory ~ Beginners, Check This Out! 👍


Bump. Assimilating into my daily practice.


Working on chakras today, assimilating into practice today

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