Understanding capabilities of each demon

Is there a guide online or a book I can purchase that lists the capabilities of each demon. With every book I read, especially between Winterfield, Rose and Hargrove, I see new powers that are mentioned for the same demon. I do understand there is only so much an author can write and rest is left to intuition. However, sometimes I come across demons whom I would love to learn more about before diving into ritual. Where can I find a comprehensive info in capabilities of each demon, if any such info exists.

No such list exists.

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Yeah there isn’t one with everything, everything, partly because some are obscure or are new.

Try looking up “encyclopedia”, which is the word Wikipefia is inprired by. Encyclopedias used to be the way people could look up what things were like a dictionary for things before the internet, and you’d normally physically go to a library to read them, they were 20 volumes or more and huge.

Now you can find online and print encyclopedias for all sorts of entities. They often focus on one type at a time… I enjoy the book Pandemonium, but there are many attempts to make useful collections you can find on amazon with that keyword.

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Personal experience working with the demons will trump any encyclopaedia.