UNCONTROLLABLE PAST LIVES, Reincarnation, The Worst Disease, Millions of Lifetimes

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Anyone claiming your life is a disease while trying to acquire worldly goods and acclaim to further their own life is a parasite.

Parasites weaken their host for various crops of energy, money, time, and attention (or views on their clickbait video), and they use any available means to do so.

Strong people work to build others up, without watching the balance sheet of how that’s paying back to them, and give others positive tools.

Weak people do everything they can to demoralise, destroy, and diminish life forms they cannot control and harvest.

PS If you want hardcore RHP merger stuff, accessible and ALL their major works totally free to download, go to Himalayan Academy’s Master Course trilogy - safe hands, rapid ascent, and no nonsense of trying to plant self-hate or shaming NLP tactics. Their material worked for me, whereas a lot of the newage gabble about this is incompetent, ignorant, and positively dangerous to the reader.


He doesn’t want merge or anything. He just wants people to escape reincarnation.

Take a look at this group, may be something that interests you @Etheric_Vagabond.

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I signed up

I’m glad, I think this is perfect for you :slight_smile: who else do you know that has signed up?

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don’t know. did you sign up

No but If you would like someone to do it with I’ll go through it with you.

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