Ultimate Subliminal Guide - Finding real subliminals and avoiding bullshit

What was your goal?

Bluntly, to have sex with the guy…

Rest in Peace X.


Can you just please email me the best subliminals sites since you can’t post it on here please?


Would you say that the frequency wizard would be a good source?

I’ve made a quick research and seems like Matrixplay99 and akuo are the top 5 trusted and effective free subliminal producer.
Avoid Mind power, hypnodaddy ect… (even though hypnodaddy can be effective, I’ve read that he has negatives intentions) and the first subliminal you find on YouTube, most of those channels are supcious,delete comments and put strange shit throught the videos.
Avoid paid subliminal content, unless you really trust the producer and you had result, people lost 200-400$ and the fun part is that most of them didn’t work
If someone can suggest other trust and effective subliminal channels
I’ve started to use them since 2 days so I can tell if it works or no


No it gave strong sensations but didn’t work. Also I became very suspicious after using a negative affirmation blocker it just stopped working totally.

If you look in the description of the video you will see what the subliminal concoction is I disagree with the OP about having to pay money to get good subliminal most (in my findings) on youtube actually post their paid subliminals for clients on their youtube. But paying for the subliminal is how people get the exact subliminal they request instead of having to use multiple videos or hope they only get certain results from something like a general beauty one.

ex: Jim pays Matirx plays99 $20 bucks for big dick, booster, getting taller, and green eyes. Matrix plays99 post what he pays for upon request, This is great for everyone who wants a big dick, to be taller, and have green eyes, But for the tall guy, with a big dick, and green eyes it is useless and he has to hope matrix fill his request or someone else wants the same subliminal as him

I just made a post on to how to change your physcial appearance and with a playlist proving my claims the knowledge can be applied to al of life but subliminal were/are a part of the post

Hey! I’m new and don’t know how to dm people but I would really like to know how to use and what are some good high quality Subliminals as well as how to make them.

Hi! There is a search function on the top right. If you put subliminal in, it will give you lots of information.


There’s a lot of talk about how to find them, or how useful they are, but little information on how to actually make them.

I’ve used Audacity before for basic editing, do I just record a good script based on hypnotic type stuff and NLP and then change it so that the audio is out of pitch with human hearing?

The OP actually makes subliminals… U can contact him for more info

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I can give two subliminals that work great for me but they are not the more glamourous haha.
This one for hair loss it has stopped my hair loss whereas nothing seemed to work

And this one for … diarrhoea… nothing to add.

I have tried a lot to be pretty or to have green eyes but they never worked.


Is it ok if i listen to a subliminal to start hearing spirits and to start feeling their energy and presence

If nothing works for you then try using a blockage remover before and after
And a subliminal flush now and then

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sorry if im necroing an old thread/post, but google kind of found me this and then i read thru your and xjasesh’s discussion???

im intrigued my this magick/magicc you discussed, was wondering if youcould point me in a direction to learn/study more?

Welcome @Hs_Panda. Please post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience in magick you have. It is a rule of this forum.

Also, FYI, the person you are replying to has not posted to the forum since April, so may not reply.

Does anyone have any clue what OPs subliminal company might be, looks he is no longer on here.

Welcome @TR760IE Please post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience you have in magick. It is a rule of this forum.

True. I create them myself :slight_smile:
And they work every time!