UFOs/aliens is There a Connection [to Magick]?

Thanks. Was there any information about this in the news?

Since I posted my first reply, I got into doing CE5 meditations, where you basically use shamanic journeying to speak to ETs. On one of these I get three greys, and after a conversation I asked them their names, which they said were Sun, Taal, and Lock. … wait, what? Sun’tal’ock?

So I have this theory now that Sun’tal’ock (from the Book of Azazel) is ET, but I haven’t get evoked him the traditional way to see if I get affirmation from him in that form yet.

But if that turn out to be a thing, I wonder how many other ETs are using channeling and gnosis through magickal currents to get their messages across.I have started randomly asking entities if they’re ETs, and some say no I’m ascended, and one, Casiel, swang around on me and stared at me like I suddenly actually became interesting, my mental image was that he became all eyes and they were all trained on me. He didn’t answer though.

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I think I got abducted one time
And a few similar things.

Definitely remember a satanic ritual with kids but it related to interdimensional stuff

OK guys, I posted a reply a few days ago. And by all means I am 100% serious. Call me crazy/liar, so be it. It’s ok with me. I will be posting some new interesting info.

As of now I’m trying to get permission to post some information. Last time I did I had to remove another thread. Just a misunderstanding.

Rudolph steiner had a statue of Ahriman which looked like a alien

OK. Someone else mentioned it on another thread 2 yrs ago. There is a 9th planet. It has been known for centuries.

9th Planet
Well, how does this relate to ephesian’s original question? A lot. UFO/Aliens are just the physical manifestation of spiritual entities. And they relate to humanity way the fk more than you think.