UFOs/aliens is There a Connection [to Magick]?

Is there a connection between magick and UFOs/aliens. Are so-called UFOs or so-called aliens actually spirit beings? What are your thoughts? Have any of you seen a spirit that looks like what some would call a ‘grey alien’?


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Personally, I don’t conflate spiritual beings such as gods or demons or angels in the UFO category, as I think they live on different dimensions, one is physical, one is etheric or astral, however I am not sure if certain goetics or angels might be aliens from the physical plane


The Typhonian order (formerly Typhonian OTO) works with praeter-human enteties wich are considerd aliens (altrough the term should not be taken litterally) so there defenetly could be some intresst in working with it if you are so inclined.

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I don’t know but if you go to UFO conventions and ask the contactees what there experiences were you might get some interesting answers. Like how some so-called ETs contact them and how they were instructed to contact the ETs. Some of the answers you may get may sound very magickal in nature. I would say look into it for yourself and before you make up your own mind about it.

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I believe there is a connection. I believe UFOs and aliens are actually fallen spirit beings. Put another way, I believe they’re malicious interdimensional beings.

Aleister Crowley claimed to have made contact with an entity named Lam during a series of rituals called The Amalantrah Workings. Here’s a drawing of the being that was done by Crowley. Look familiar?

And during another series of rituals done by L. Ron Hubbard and Jack Parsons called the Babalon Working, fellow occultist Marjorie Cameron witnessed a UFO. It’s also worth noting that the final ritual in this series took place in the Mojave Desert in 1946. A year or so later and 700 or so miles away there was the Roswell crash.


When it comes to aliens, so many magicians only think of material creatures in the material universe. There are more highly developed living beings in the universe and outside the universe which we could consider as aliens, but these beings are not material living beings and do not need UFOs or the like. They exist at such high levels and are faster than light, which is why most people cannot perceive these beings. Currently some of these beings are active in the astral plane, which is why they can be perceived more and more.


Kenneth Grant (who founded the order I mentioned earlier) who was a close to Crowley wrote a lot about it.
The Dikpala of the Way of Silence - The Lam Statement (bibliotecapleyades.net) is an example.

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Funny you mention this. There was a massive ufo siting in my country a week ago.

Now Aliens are likely very real. Someone I knew once said its ignorant to believe were the only beings out there. I have not made contact with any but I think EA had some videos on it before it was taken down

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Can you provide a little more info on this? I would love to learn more.

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It was a massive sighting it wasn’t just seen in one place but people in different cities and areas saw the same thing but it wasn’t heavily reported. Someone I know saw it up close and it affected their devices. The energy I felt after hearing about this was a benevolent explorer kind of energy


That Aiwass you know who he really is?

Who is that?

Aiwass do not matter to anyone who isn’t a Thelemite so for a xtian the name and nature is useless.

not really

Aiwass ought to be the Holy Guardian Angel that crowley contacted during his abramelin ritual

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Aliens so far as we know only existed as single celled organisms that have long since been fossilized but if there’s intelligent/complex life out there then I’m sure it’s organic

What we call angels and God’s are either these extra terrestrials lengendized over time by not understanding their tech

Or they’re are multi dimensional existing just outside common science.

I believe it’s a little bit of both. Just that some legends come from one and others from the other

However they probably have little actual affiliation with each other at the same time.


In what context would Aiwass be intressting for a xtian then?

Where this siting took place?

I’ll pm you