Types of blood for spellwork

I almost always incorporate blood into my work. I’ve used my own venous and menstrual blood.

However, I believe that blood carries a great deal of power. Even when it’s someone else’s.

I think certain kinds of blood likely have more specific kinds of power which are appropriate for different kinds of spells.

For instance the blood of;

The dead
Certain animals
From the umbilical cord
Pregnant woman

I just don’t have info on specifics. I’m hoping someone on here is able to expound upon the possibilities for me.

Or blood from someone recently resuscitated

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Sweet thanks

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My own limited experiences with blood that isn’t mine :thinking:

I did a reversal kind of thing with this: linking my own blood to the blood of a dead relative for expansion; it has been shed on soil far away from me. I used it for protection measures that are confined to that place in question and - so far - it worked :smiley:

Also offering deer blood to a spirit as part of an agreement to stop the destruction of something kinda did the trick for me. It was especially requested, so I assume that my own blood would have not sufficed.

In my personal conclusion: blood linked to a specific kind of geography or place seems to amplify protection workings.


I highly recommend Sorceress Cagliastro’s Blood Sorcery Bible, which extends this to blood taken from different parts of the body for different spells. For example blood from the finger has different energy than blood form the sole of the foot.

There’s more details info in her courses but enough discussion in the books to get the idea.


This is fantastic thank you

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