Type of Baneful ritual to sort my problem out?

A local business has decided to transfer a debt from a person who has no link to me to my name. It is non recoverable legally due to this,but the staff there are making it personal as it was done on purpose (the Woman who works in that department is dating my ex from years ago)

I have done all of the formal complaints /legal things and it keeps happening, she is getting glee from this after all.

I have so many options magically, what would you do to someone magically that has done this for 18 months? I have an email from her saying this was personal. I guess some people are petty


I’d start with this.

Then evoke Belial and Pazuzu to ruin her and her entire business.


Thanks. I planned to use King Belial funnily .He just delivered for me on my last ritual and he amazing. I have always been very interested in Pazuzu and doing a curse with him.

I have everything prepared and I am doing a jar hex with Belial, coffin nails and graveyard dirt. I will then use my bond with Lucifer to further hex the jar and contents and then I will probably use Pazuzu.

I will do the freezer spell in the meantime. I am destroying this bitch :slight_smile: Thanks Charles9

I wish there was more on Pazuzu out there,he seems a great ally to make

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Cease and desist order from a laywer or you can take her to court for damages and make her pay your court expenses. Belial.


Thanks. I spoke to a solicitor and to send a letter and other costs, it would cost more than the ÂŁ800 she created for me

Citizens advice are useless and Police logged it as fraud but said it was a civil case which takes me back to square one.

I think she just likes sending every free debt collector to my door. Typical Narc

Tonight is my night with Belial :wink:

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Right but she should have to pay those costs if you win, or does it not work that way in your country? You can ask and the judge would enforce it, or they’d settle.
You could also try a restraining order? And get a better lawyer.

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What a horrible person. If you wanna destroy her, you’ll need more then a freezer spell. Get a picture of her of Facebook or something. Meditate, get in the zone, in your rage… light a black candle, spit 3 times on her, dont have to be really wet… its symbolic… put salt on her picture… get a match (with sulphur if you dont have any sulphur around) scrape the red of the match on her head… do your chanting or whatever comes to mind to say… call upon whoever you work with, really get in your anger… and when you’re done … you burn the sulphur right on her head. No strict guidelines, whatever works for you.


Bind her immediately, to stop her causing harm, and then attack. The books Angels of Wrath and Magickal Attack are great for destroying enemies and have binding rituals. Many rituals in there that work fast.

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I am also using Andromalius as she is a wicked person out to cause problems and I have a good relationship with him.

She is a total Narc and likes involving others, so do I … I have involved 4 Demons :wink:

Every Rune has a destructive side to it, so you can always charge Runes by drawing them on a rock, or what ever object you decide to use with destructive energy. Than leave that rock with destructive Runes of your choice in her business area. It would be like planting trees with sharp thorns in that area to use as an analogy. Loki or Odin might help with this magical mission.

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I took her out of my freezer 2 months ago as I thought she would be over this after a year nearly… No. I will bind and freeze until my ritual with King Belial is given time to work and my next three days of cursing.

Thanks. x

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I did the work with Belial last night, which went well. I always get crazy dreams after working with Belial in a means to a direct response to my working and targets. So quirky, love Belial. I have a feeling they will be sorry


Thank you. I am working my way through things now to sort her /them out for good on a magical and practical manner.

I did get her FB photos and birth date, a great source of info for us black magicians!

If she carries on, I will send in Glasya-Labolas as he always has worked well for me so far

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