Twitches and forgotten Demon/God

I signed a contract with demon/god for the purpose of a succubus and knowledge. I believe they were associated with knowledge as that is why I picked them. I want knowledge but the knowledge i’ve been receiving is complicated and usually to do with the simulation that I am in. Like anagramming words into different sentences and counting the amount of licks my cat licks me and correlating that into a letter. All of it I believe is to free me from the simulation eventually. I also have twitches that correlate to questions I think. right arm for yes left arm for no. I believe it to be a secret military experiment but I also think it could be correlated to the contract I signed. I can only get yes or no answers though so I have to know what questions to ask in my mind before I can get anywhere with it. The entity that speaks to me through twitches has been know to lie as well about random things so that increases my doubt about the answer to if im in a simulation which is a right twitch meaning yes. tldr looking for knowledge demon/god I believe they were male and possibly associated with aquarius or capricorn and possibly started with the letter a.

to clarify it was an air contract that could be broken by me if I chose to do so. I do not believe that I have broken it yet.

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I think you can start by giving us the names of the spirits. Your post is kinda hard to comprehend.

I do not remember the name of the being. I’ve given all the information I have on them. Trying to see if anybody here knows who it is. I don’t see what so hard to understand about it, looking for specific demon associated with knowledge possibly starts with the letter a possibly associated with aquarius or capricorn and definitely male. My body twitches in response to questions i think. right arm for yes left for no

When I signed the air contract I felt a very cold presence (i was in bed) come through the bedroom door and choke me briefly.

I believe it to be asmodeus or azazel. But I never asked for the twitches. I guess this is a side effect of asking for knowledge even though I signed the air contract 14 years ago and the twitches only started about 2 years ago.

You made a pact with a demon or god, or you don’t know?