TW: Sensitive topic

Michael is good too for protection, justice and even dealing with your enemy. I haven’t worked with him in baneful workings but others have had success

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I know that the daemons have their enns and I think I saw a couple of Angel ones,But I’m not sure, is there anything that could make him present that you can link on this post for me? I definitely will call upon him a little later

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A petition to Bael might work, he likes frankincense but it is not needed, and he likes wine for offering, but you can probably use blood if you want more powerful results or if you cannot access alcohol.

I have used the first ritual petition for results from demons of magick and he has worked swiftly and he seems to be forgiving and understanding. I usually will experience strange stuff like sweet smells and candle flame going crazy before I even complete the ritual. The petition can be something along the lines of keeping you and your family hidden from this individual, while keeping you, family, etc. healthy and safe. You mentioned being in the closet in a few posts ago, I am not sure if you are referring to sexuality or something else, but he can also hide whatever it is with a petition. Sometimes powerful results with Bael can happen just from meditating for as long as possible, ideally 20+ minutes, consantly repeating his enn “Ayer secore on ca Bael”, sometimes he makes his prescence very clear from that. I wish you good luck and I’m sorry you are facing these struggles.


Try this:

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I see we have a pedo problem. What’s their name?


Thank you for this I’ll keep this in mind also when it comes to what I stated a couple of posts ago the type I was talking about was the broom closet though I am in the other one as well I mention this because it’s hard for me to get lots of stuff needed such as candles, and other useful witchy things, luckily we have a big pack of incense now though I don’t know if we have frankincense I am on my period right now so later tonight I might just do what you are recommending while playing their Enn


No problem, if you have time today I suggest reading demons of magick by winterfield, it has been solid for me and I am pretty new to all of this compared to other members. If you need secrecy you can find the book online for free on some sites (I can message you the website if you need, it isn’t good to pirate and the book is so valuable I will eventually just buy it, but it is much easier if you need to be secret) , all you will need is a pencil and paper to write the petition in the script they provide in the book, two sigils (they are in the book, you can simply use your phone screen if you are unable to print one out) and a candle (I use orange for Bael but it does not really matter).

Some people speak against using blood before getting to know the spirit but if you are in a dire situation and this man sounds horrible, I think Bael is understanding and I have not recieved any backlash even when I messed up ritual. I think intense emotion and a blood offering may enhance the power. Also, there is a part in Demons of Magick where it says to imagine the offering you will give when the task is complete. I always just give an offering even before it is complete, it saves time and I think it shows more trust to the spirit.


Sure I would like it if you could send it to me via private message. I would Really appreciate it and it will allow me to get started on everything and learn a little more in a process. I’m not in a financially stable condition right now so again it is appreciated

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I would like to help you by doing work of my own if that’s ok?

I would need a name at minimum.


Yeah, sure! Should I give it to you in private message?


Poison him.


i totally would but i need a bail-out

There are countless different ways you could achieve what you are wanting to do. I don’t want to just add more to the pile, but I’ve been using the book Universal Magick recently, and it has all the different powers it sounds like you may find useful. You don’t need any equipment. All you need are the sigils and words in the book. Before you even look at them, you may sense the power.

Prosperity & Fortune - angels and demons of money to attract basic needs like food/shelter and a stable source of income, like a job

Protection - to protect yourself from this person, and to protect your security more generally

Truth - to understand the truth about your situation, to expose truths

Corruption - to cause pain, weakness, misfortune, and disease - you can be as general or as specific as you’d like, requesting accidents, deadly diseases, intense suffering, whatever you want

Decay - to remove strength and power - Corruption can introduce negative manifestations, like sickness or injury, Decay can drain whatever resistance there may be to succumbing to your curses, like extracting blood from a body until it starves of vital substances

Healing - to heal yourself of this trauma

Transformation - to find strength, despite the circumstances

The situation was different for me, but I have dealt with child abuse as well, sexual and otherwise. Let me just say that it’s not going particularly well for them. They have been dying, sad, and alone, while I prosper.


I’ve had a half dozen entities volunteer to help with this and they’ve been dispatched. Best I can do until I can finally kick this round of Covid. Once that has happened, well, it’ll be time for fireworks.

That said, regardless of what we do, make sure to do something, too. Whether it’s baneful, protective, or both. Knowing you’re not completely powerless anymore is a huge step. I’ve been there.


Wait you mean you’ve been involved in the same situation and went through the same thing? I hope that you get better from covid, I know it must suck

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Similar, a long time ago. I like to keep them alive, though, so I can continue to make their lives miserable for longer.


Thank you for commenting on my post, It makes me happy to know that I’m not alone we’ve been struggling so much. I hate the guy a lot


Now, I did get professional help, after Iraq, so this area came up and I’m still grateful that I did that. When the timing is right for that, I would encourage it.

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We arent out of the situation yet, which is why I really need the help. We will be getting professional help only once we find a place to stay