TW: Sensitive topic

For months I’ve been working on a situation and I put my energy into it very much, I even got assistance and right now I’m wondering if there’s any spell work that could work against a pedophile/ abuser, right now I’m looking for something that can make this asshole suffer in the most gruesome way, get caught, punished, tortured, you name it. Unfortunately, I don’t have any energy left however because it was being put into something else mostly but this is the other problem that I wish to get out of the way because we are trying desperately to get away and move safely out of here because we are tired of being molested, raped, and tormented daily we are dealing with someone who has pulled a gun out in front of 14 year old me, and my 4yr old brother, we have tried everything we have reported it many times and police are useless. It really bothered me when someone told me to let the situation go and if I would still feel like cursing him a year from now or would I forget/ forgive it I found it really frustrating and offensive because a guy who touched a 4yr old and 7 year old sexually,who broke my moms leg, hand , ran over an animal purposely, watched a little girl die in a fire, pushed/ hit my pregnant mom. shouldn’t be alive.

If you have any helpful information,spells, sigils, or can offer any assistance let me know. I do have a couple of ideas but they only involved baneful-sigils which is one of my specialties. I don’t know about any deities/daemons to go after people like him.

Because my energy is really low I’ll have to focus on getting it back up for now while I search/ read through more stuff , thank you for reading if you made it this far



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If the situation is so extreme, the best thing you could do is get safe first. After that you’ll have all the time in the world to do whatever you want, but it seems to me that the priority is avoiding this whole ordeal form getting bigger.

Once you and your family are safe, you can work on justice/punishment, but you’ll have to do it the right way. That’s it, in the right order. First you’ll have to weaken and that can be very subjective. So, with you and your family gone, will this guy be a loner or does he needs a support system? if the later, you’ll have to make him a pariah in order to facilitate your magick. Start thinking from there.


We don’t really have to focus on punishment right now but anything will help with at least getting us safely away./ something for that because we have offers but he is in the way of everything


He’s like a leech, and we don’t have family where we are now so we can’t go with them.If there is any daemons/deities that specialize in safe moving/ getting a place / job then I will be appreciated to know about them so I can study them


Then bind him first, so he can’t oppose you. If the situation is so harsh, it may not be enough, but may buy you some time.

Plenty. For protection for your kid brother, call upon Apollo. There are angels and demons that can assist with both, travel and jobs, so research that. For a general binding, Michael.


Oh yeah I can look into that, but I don’t know how to bind I did find a sigil for that but I don’t know how I would word myself.
would a cord cutting also work for this? That thought came to my mind I don’t want him to have an attachment anymore to us and my mom was thinking about getting us candles

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Thank you very much for talking with me I didn’t know michael could do binding

Maybe? You don’t need to bind him yourself, you can ask Michael to do it. Do you have any books?

He can protect people, in that regard, he can bind people so they don’t hurt you, since is a way of protection. Not all defenses are attacks.

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No, no books well, I have a Kindle one with Angel sigils but that is all. Michael isn’t in there though, but I can always look up his prayer/ music.

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Okay, what types of magick are you familiar with?

Plus I’m closetted but I will definitely give Michael a shot



Okay, but what frame? I’m trying to find something you can use

I’m sorry what does that mean?
My mind is a little slow today

Practicing ceremonial magick, with tools like daggers and such, would be a frame. Is how you do your magick. Or opening sigils or whatever. That’s what I’m asking.

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i dont have tools
3years into practice


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I’m sorry you’re going through this

When you regain your energy try this

Fuck this person. It’s easy for them to throw comments like that if they’re not in the situation. You do what you need to do

Lots of spirits can do this. Vidar the Norse God of vengence is one I recommend to you. You can call to other Deities too like Hel, Persephone, Thor, Heimdall, Etc. If you have a relationship with Lwa then Baron Samedi may be good for your situation too. Also Surtur can protect a person if petitioned.

You may also want to try a spell to flush this person out of your life. I’ve used variations of this with success :


Firstly, thank you so much for commenting I appreciate all the information. I don’t know where to start whenever I do but I am VERY familiar with the feces spell. I did it with the intention of making someone’s relationship go to ‘shit’ before I did the bigger stuff simply because they are a homewrecker, and turned people against each other making them believe that I was a bad person when I am the Peacemaker. A lot of problems are happening for them now, I know because of divination one of them is going to expose themselves which will ruin their reputation

i’m probably going to start with praying to Michael aswell, and doing the petition you stated with the same steps I took when I petitioned lerajie using the tutorial found on here

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I’ll also do @Keteriya 's implantation method for this with the intention of stopping him in his tracks/ making him weakened

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