Tutorial: Trancework

So to speak I put myself in a trance standing outside on Halloween and I wanted to see my future, so I went into alpha but all I kept hear and see twas a elf costume, but I wished to be the grim reaper but that’s not what my future visions were telling me, so for Halloween I twas a elf.:unamused:it’s alright though I’m grateful, but point tis whenever it comes to foreseeing the future don’t take control of the visions or visualize what’ll happen next, it just ruins it, let the visions come, don’t take control of them.

For anyone having difficulty with the relaxation part, You can get some dried mugwort on Amazon and smoke it or make tea from it. That works wonders for me.


dearest darkest-night me Nicholas again, so about trance how many times can I use the countdown for alpha techniques to reach theta states, I don’t wanna try to stay in light alpha states I wanna dive deeper and ascend myself I just wanna make sure I’m talking to spirits and not just myself I do successfully go into alpha but the connections too light, any helpful tips shall be deeply appreciated, I just wanna mentally evoke Krehl’a’teral and take my burning question to him and have a nice conversation with this specific spirit I respect your beliefs and facts and fantasy and books are my favorites especially magic and spiritual books. I wanna ascend to achieving the impossible to gain miraculous powers even if it means developing one, someone told me to prove telekinesis and i told them i cant prove anything at least not yet for skills need to be developed just like skills need to be developed to ride bicycles, but I’m setting out to achieve my ultimate goals please help me with tips on how to move from alpha towards theta and eventually roadway or the split basically where you and a specific spirit are alone in a void where one can talk to one another I forget what it called, any tips shall be helpful. FYI sorry this its my school account its temporary account.

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Again sorry for my idiot-icy so about the count down your thread said if I do the count down method for a week for a good 15 minutes it’ll deepen and eventually become theta state am I right, please respond ASAP again forgive me now that I know it’s one of the rules I’m not gonna let it happen again can you send me a list of the rules so I can memorize them so I can be carful in here and respectful, Multiverse Blessings.

So since this thread was bumped recently I (in the last half hr) I’ve got a question about entering and being in a trance…

When entering a trance or in a trance state does it make you feel cold?


Does feeling cold just mean you’re really relaxed? Which brings to mind maybe that’s the origin of saying “just chillin” or “just chilling out” becoming cold when relaxed enough?

By cold I mean like you almost feel as if the room has dropped 10 or 20 degrees but it hasn’t and no you don’t see your breath you’re just feeling cold.

So is feeling cold part of going into a trance or is it something that precedes it?


Yes, feeling cold can be one of the signs of trance. So can increased warmth. Everybody responds to an altered state differently.

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It takes practice. The more you do it, the deeper it will get.


See mine’s the opposite. I get really warm. Sometimes to the point ill have a few drops of sweat trickle down my brow in an AC room. Weird. And then as i go much much deeper it neutralizes.


Can I try my method too, I tried sleep deprivation and for me it works deeply well I saw shadowing figures and a demon our house must have very bad spirits, so my method tis via sleep deprivation it works for me I did it unintentionally one time but now that I’m aware and have a strong intention I’m gonna shoot for it again I read in another persons thread they sleep deprived themselves and summoned a uncommon arch angle and he said he could touch his hands, this must be what their talking about when everyone Enters a deeper trance of theta and their minds filters are shut off completely I mean theta sync tis after all for physical manifestation for spirits and it also helps because so that way you don’t second guess yourself, because In my experience I twas fearful of the physical shadows I twas seeing while i twas In theta sync via sleep deprivation unknowingly, so I told myself I’m gonna go to sleep and slip outta it and when I reawakened they were gone I’m pretty sure there still there though, me and my cousin are gonna sleep deprive ourselves and then I’m gonna summon a incubus I talked to via pendulum.

Using this, the Alpha process worked seamlessly.