Tutorial: Trancework

Wait! but isn’t a candle a crutch as well? What’s the diffrence?

A crutch is something that is to be discarded once you have learned the technique. Both a candle and binaural beats are training wheels that you should no longer need in order to enter trance once you have trained yourself.

They become a problem when you cannot enter trance without them.


oh! i see thanks

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Not sure if im just not in the right place for this right now, or what but it’s…hard… =/ trying both methods, the tensing and relaxing and the cloud.
Just keep getting distracted.
Ill keep trying to but… i think it’s going to take more then a little effort to really nail it :frowning:

Not sure if because of my adhd or not…
does anybody think medicinal herbs might help?(or adhd medication which im currently not taking but my dr gave me a precription for)
Does it help if im a bit sleepy/tired already?

Only do one or the other. The point is to lightly relax your body, not stress yourself out.

How do i know when im in trance?

It tends to be subtle, and you can very well be in trance and not know it. Some signs to look out for are a feeling of heaviness in your limbs, tunnel vision, lightness or heaviness in your head, difficulty focusing, and deepening of the breath.

Not all these signs will be present though, so don’t think if you don’t experience them that you failed. The more you practice the exercises I laid out, the deeper the resulting state will eventually become and eventually you will know when you’re in trance.


think? I did it, maybe? I my head got really heavy and my eyes got really relaxed so they kept wanting to half open a little. And it felt like everything was spiralling downwards? Like you know how you feel if you spin in a circle really fast then stop how everything keeps spinning, it felt like that, but not in a dizzy kind of way…

Then my cat broke my focus unfortunately =/

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I had a fun experience yerterday evening… trance while gazing at an unidentifiable constellation, see…

The sky was clear and no moon. I live in a region with low light polution thus I can watch the sky in the evening when the sky is clean.

I decided to google images of constellations and go outside to match them. In the process I was able to identify only 3 constellations and the others were just disperse stars per say.

I wanted to see more star in each constellation trying different methods at stareing at them and it worked fine, but I overlooked at one constellation and the stars started turning off one by one, my vision got foggy, I couldn´t see anymore my sorrounding and suddenly felt pulled off my body (dizzy feeling) toward the constellation, I got scared and stoped imediatelly… (you know when you have sleep paralesy and you are trying to wake up, that how it went)

Has anyone ever got this experience?
Could it be trance inductio?

  • I have lived in metropolis in Europe and Asia and I know sometimes the only thing you can see shining in the sky are the moon, satelites and drones (Lol), so I´ve got a previlage in this sense.
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Can’t wait to try.

:no_mouth: that must be an experience

Thank you Darkest Knight that’s superb as always.

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Can I open my eyes after I reach trance?

Yes, you can.