Tutorial, Napoleon's "Book Of Fate" aka The Empire Builder's Oracle

I have a very old copy of this book by foulsham published in 1958 I have not even opened it in years I think I will now.


This is an excellent book. But as others have stated, the egregore gets salty if you make the error of asking two questions in the same day. :sweat_smile: I forgot I’d asked a question early this morning, and I asked one this afternoon, and let’s just say the spirit of the book wasn’t best pleased.

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I’ve had success asking two questions a day, not the same question however, and I was respectful and asked the egregore if I could have another question answered. Be polite and respectful, you may find you can ask another question, just remember to say thank you after.
Build a relationship with him, just like any other spirit

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I bought a copy of the book, so I’ll wait until I have that to ask another question. But you’re right.

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So I asked about how this issue would go, you probably know the one by now, Eva. I asked “Shall my intended journey be prosperous or treacherous?” I got; Be not dismayed if thou shouldst meet with danger; it will not effect thee if thou art resolute."

What does that have anything to do with the result? Does that mean it will be prosperous as long as I don’t lose it?

I asked the “Shall I live to an old age question” and got: Yes! which doesn’t need any interpretation but is good news.

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I would also like to mention that as I wrote my question I felt very old energies enter the room. That’s interesting

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“As the glorious sun eclipsed the light of the stars, so will the partner of thy bed be announced the fairest among women.”
(First answer of the book)

Sounds like the ultimate The One™, but not for me.

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I also asked ‘shall I live to an old age’ and the book basically told me not to be a fatass… omg so salty, I love it. So now I am avoiding too much ‘sensual indulgence’.

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Hello Lady Eva,
I wanted to ask you about some doubts I faced while tsking the readings. Like should the lines be strictly straight or some disproportion is allowed. Is it compulsory to write the question, question number and date on the piece of paper?
Because I read your blog afterwards and I plainly drew just the lines as I have the book of fate which has symbols instead of letters, in it’s instructions they didn’t mention to write the dat so I didn’t know that we have too so I without writing the question, the date just asked the question, so what should I do ask the same question with the method you said?

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I did it.

The weirdest answer or the most creepingly close to my “fate” that I 've ever got. A little context:

I used to be a Christian and I loved God immensely, but due to multiple hits and battles with demonic spirits that left me with many diseases out of the blue, I got into a “fight” with “God”, so I chose to abandon faith in both him and the evil “Satan”. All these happened from my early childhood (7) to when I finally broke with him (15) under multiple diseases and demonic spirits hitting me without him protecting me.

So I did the number 29 question which asks: “What trade or profession ought I to follow?”
I am currently a University student in Computer Science and Engineering. Due to health reasons, I haven’t passed all my Texas and I am in my 5th year. Although I worked for 7 years as a freelance Technician for the last 2 years I question both my intelligence and Capabilities, hence I asked.

So the answer was: “As you journey along, You have to commend yourself to God and he will watch over you.”

No this could have 2 meanings on my mind:

  1. Trust the spirits that are around me and possibly if I call a demon to help me while I speedrun my exams without ever going to class (Math, Physics, Coding, etc) PS: I have my colleagues and other students teaching me and helping me with all the material from said classes


  1. To actually rely on the Abrahamic God? (Unthicable by me, as I have already told him that I will abandon him for not having answers)

Sorry about this long post, feel free to pick in, I think this is amusing and I can’t wait for your opinions and points. Infinite and Darkest blessings fellow practitioners of the Arts.

Or to trust yourself because you are god

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Unexpected reply but it did give me a hint, really eye-opening, thank you kindly.

The abrahamic god is, BS… And I really don’t get why ppl still work with its emissaries… And I highly doubt that, their is any man who can be taught magick by the demiurge itself

And, FUCK it I’ll just, say, this… From what, I, have noticed so far from all these magicians who claim to go both sides, demon/angel. Yin and young BS… They either have symptoms of delusion… Or experience subtle blocks from achieving their desires

Can one change their fate? I’ve had the sneaking suspicion I’m stuck on a boat and the seas are guided by The Fates. This confirmed it. I don’t like feeling I have as little say as I do.

Does this mean u will give into fate ? And not try to change it ?

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I don’t think I have much of a choice. I’m fucking fantastic with divination, but whenever I try to get insight into my future, it always gives me a vague answer like it wants me to avoid fucking with it.

Tarot I always get XVIII The Moon. Pendulum it’s Perthos or “fate/not telling you.” I just tried Napoleon’s Book of Fate to see what I should do for a career because everything I’ve tried so far has failed and I wanted guidance. Got the smart ass answer, “Choose one, which with labor, will afford thee a comfortable subsistence.” JFC.

I believe that the future is not set in stone. What you do today (even if it seems like a really small change) can affect the future in a dramatic way. I think that’s why we can’t really predict the future. There are too many variables.

I used to believe in fate before but not anymore. As magicians we have the power to change our lives. However there could be a reason why you/we reincarnated, a personal mission of some sorts. But you could achieve your goals in a multitude of ways, not only one. So this mission is somehow equivalent with “fate”. Just my opinion

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