Tutorial, Napoleon's "Book Of Fate" aka The Empire Builder's Oracle



So I’ve had my first potentially incorrect reading from the book. I had moved out some time ago from my landlord who had promised to wire transfer me my safety deposit but hasn’t. Now to be fair, I wasn’t really supposed to get the deposit back because I had broken part of the contract, which is why I did an evocation to Paimon at the time to convince the landlord to give some or all of it to me anyways. I talked to the landlord and she seemed willing to give half of it to me anyways in a few weeks time after I had left, because at the time she didn’t have the money to give me. I did a reading from the book and it told me straight up that fortune would favour me, which I took as a good sign. However it’s been a few weeks now and I haven’t seen the funds placed in my account so I dunno!


"Weigh well the probable result of thy present intentions "

what could this mean to Q9 ?


It’s “Are you sure?” in oracle-speak.

Something looks like it might go wrong, not turn out as you planned, or some other caution that isn’t green lights all the way.


Hi, I’m a guest in this forum, but I’m happy because it has helped me to resolve some issues,
but I’m still confused because I saw another book which instruct to use four rows instead of five rows. also it has only sixteen question instead of 32. I need your support please to understand this.


It sounds like a different system with some common features - the same way people use playing cards, or a Tarot deck, and they’re similar (four suits, numbered cards and Trumps/court cards) but also not identical.

Some people only use the Major Arcana in Tarot for readings, so this could also be a reduced version, hard to say without knowing that system.

Use the one that appeals to you the most. :thumbsup:


thanks for your explanation.


I have asked the oracle concerning the conflict which I had with my boss, which took about 4 months now. I have used question No.5 which states that"shall I be involved in litigation? and if so, shall I gain or lose my cause.
and the answer was "justice is blind, but not always deaf: for in many parts she loves to listen to the sweet rings of gold and silver"
what does this answer implicate, am I going to get justice?..


Sounds like it means in your case justice can be bought somehow.


First off I just wanted to say thanks for the great tutorial… I’ve used the Book of Fate quite a few times and so far it has proven to be pretty reliable. :+1:

However, I just wanted to point out that your linked image of questions w/ notes pertaining to their use in magick seems to be down:

And I’m wondering about interpreting the answer for a question my girlfriend asked today. The question was “#13: Will the friend I most reckon upon prove faithful or treacherous?”, in relation to a family member of hers.

The answer she got was: “Thy friend will assuredly prove faithful to thee. Is he thy friend?” The first sentence makes it seem like yes, we can trust the family member, but the second sentence throws me for a loop. I mean, if I knew whether he was a friend I wouldn’t have to divine this in the first place. :sweat_smile::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Anyone throw me a bone and can translate this ye olde English into something understandable.

“Be not buoyed up with the success which may be thy portion.”


For anyone interested, my derived sentence “Thy friend will assuredly prove faithful to thee. Is he thy friend?” basically means that the person being asked about is neither friend nor enemy and additional clarification (i.e. ask another yes/no question like #8 or #9) is needed, according to the esteemed @Lady_Eva. This interpretation ended up proving accurate, too. :+1:

Hm, maybe to not let yourself get carried away or conceited by your moderate success?


I hope not, that would be a confusing reply lol


I did a follow up, seems promising


can anyone translate this " Thou art more beloved than thou cannot be now aware of "

My question was if my ex loves me .?


She loves you more than you could even realize.


so thats a gold thing .? and i can get her back?!


The book says the feelings are there and they are quite substantial. As for getting her back, that all depends on you brother.


I have been using this fabulous tool for over 25 years and it has been pretty accurate so far, as long as I know how to do an accurate interpretation of some answers. There are some questions I refrain from asking more than once a month. I noticed that when I did, the book “played with me”.


Chanced upon this tutorial and decided to give the Book of Fate a shot but I’m not too sure how to interpret this. For a yes or no question, I got:

“Sell strong liquors; but be careful of often trying their strength upon thyself.”

I’m thinking this is a yes but not to push it? :cold_sweat: Does anyone have any idea?


After some use of the book, I think, by my interpretation, this would mean, a yes, use your power or talents (maybe) but do not rely entirely on them for moving forward and also don’t push it, if you see that the tide does not favor you (example: a convo with a girl/boy you like but she seems uninterested, yes speak with her but do not push her.) Hope this can give you some insight.