Tulpas and why they dont exist

Tulpas have been a very big field of study to psychic sorcerers but i feel tulpas are misunderstood as a whole. First off tulpas are at best a projected part of the practitioners sub-concious and at worst a self induce illusion like drug bugs are formed from paranoia, or feeling something you see in a daydream.

Tulpas are “made” without any real substance or magick for example some dumbass could jump off a building thinking he has wings he can see his wings he can feel his wings but he cant touch or use his wings cause their not real so he falls to the ground and dies cause he was dilusional.

Tulpas in this regard are the same they are only thoughtforms within your own mind we as spiritual beings are real cause we are made of energy we are external from source for a being to exist energy must be manipulated in multiple ways with the being and its features already preconcieved by the ideas and thoughts of the creator.

The being also needs a vibrational frequency which tulpas do not have, it must also be capable of individual thought which tulpas cannot do because their “thoughts” are programmed.

Tulpas are not real because they are not made with substance neccessary for life. Yog-Sothoth exists because he created himself with dark matter from the abyss which was before creation,ra exists because he formed himself from energy from the sun.

In conclusion my point is learn to creaate demons and angels instead of self induced illusions.

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First, please use proper terminology.

Tulpa is a Tibetan word, and refers to actual, physical beings created by thought. They are NOT servitors or thoughtforms. They are as flesh and blood as any human.

The book that brought the word into the lexicon of the New Age was “Magic and Mystery In Tibet,” by Alexandra David-Neel. If you actually read that book, you will see that a tulpa is NOT synonymous with the Western concept of a “servitor.”

Two, I completely disagree with this.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but if you don’t believe servitors are real, then Yog-Sothoth cannot be real either, because HE WAS MADE UP BY THE AUTHOR HP LOVECRAFT AND DID NOT ACTUALLY EXIST UNTIL HE WAS PUT ON THE PAGE.

You can easily make the argument that Yog-Sothoth is a thoughtform created by Lovecraft, and given greater “life” by his writing circle, who took the idea and ran with it, and by the fans who read the fiction over the last 100 years.

The word “Necronomicon” didn’t exist until Lovecraft created it, and now it is synonymous with books of “evil” black magick and there have been half a dozen books with that name released into the collective consciousness.

You can’t trot out the creations of Lovecraft to prove servitors aren’t “real,” because the Cthulhu Myhos isn’t real either.

Other fiction people have successfully used magically include Atlantis, the Akashic Records, Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia, DC and Marvel comics, and the works of Stephen King.


Gods came from human interaction with the forces of the universe. They don’t exist separate from human culture. Ra nor Yog-Sothoth created themselves.


lovecraft was forced by the old ones to prophecise them he did not create these beings or imagine them they already existed

second i never used them to prove they don’t exist i used them to give an idea of what i was trying to say but couldn’t because I’m bad at english.

third the chtulu mythos is very real i personally have witnessed just how real they are and have had visions of how they came to be

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also humans were created by gods not the other way around historical evidence proves this

Yeah…no There is absolutely zero factual evidence for that. Please provide links to this “historical evidence” you claim as supposed proof.

No, to this as well. That may be your UPG but that does not make it a fact. Don’t confuse the two. Many people have such UPG about their favourite spirits. Just read this forum.

Yeah, again, this is a big NO. This is a made up belief by New Agers and by extension, occultists, and has zero basis in fact, just like the existence of Atlantis, which was made up by Plato and turned into a city of sorcerers by Blavatsky.

Lovecraft was a dyed in the wool atheist, and for some reason I don’t quite understand, people just love this idea that his creations really exist and that he was “forced” to be their mouthpiece, but there is no evidence for it, as they have NEVER been recorded and/or summoned by ANYONE until Lovecraft’s fiction hit the mainstream. Lovecraft never once alluded to his nightmares as being anything but simple dreams, and you would think if he was being “forced,” he would have felt it.

Dreams have always, since time immemorial, been given more mystical significance than they most likely deserve. Writers, painters and other artists have also been seen as more “spiritually attuned” than the regular person because the imagination was seen as a “gift from the gods,” and not accessible to the common man, which we all know is absolute crap.

Lovecraft was widely read in stories of the fantastic, the occult, and the mundane. He spent every day of his childhood lost in daydream because of his sickly constitution, so he was naturally ungrounded, isolated, and prone to allowing his imagination to wander. It is down right ridiculous to discount that this sort of life wouldn’t have led to his mind conjuring up the monsters of his fiction.

Fiction is useful in magick, but that doesn’t mean it has any sort of objective existence. It take a human consciousness to make it real.

Edit to add: Writers, actors and artists, seem to be the only occupations in which people like to project any success obtained onto some outside force rather than the innate talent, skill and imagination of the individual. Lovecraft was the mouthpiece of the Old Ones, Leonardo De Vinci was touched by God, Heath Ledger invoked the Joker and was possessed. No one ever says that their plumber is touched by the gods because he can accurately diagnose the problems of your blocked sink though.


i cant link the evidence rn cause i have to refind it plus the old ones have interacted with humanity many times before lovecraft and furthermore i only believe absolute truth if i do not experience something for myself with full certainty that its real i would not believe in it the no gods luciferian mindset is molded by atheism perception and truth is limited by belief and the no gods mmindset only holds you back however im open minded state and link evidence that gods are man made and ill link my evidenvce that theyre not man made ill link tommorrow im tired

That is the textbook definition of UPG, or Unverified Personal Gnosis. It is about as far from absolute truth as you can get.


gnosis deosnt cause metaphysical anamolies to happen in my house after summoning a spirit now deose it

gnosis deosnt cause people ouside of myself to go batshit crazy for no reason after summoning a spirit gnosis deosnt cause spiritual entities to appear as physical beings while im fully awake in the day and start moving and interacting with stuff like my stuff is lighter than air gnosis is a state of conciousness ik whati say is true because ive seen shit happen directly linked to the spirits and dieties i summon

that being said aprt fom seeing hearing and feeling the reality of what im saying on daily basis i can say that with full certainty everything ive said is real but you havnt tried to prove your point can you say with full certainty you dont have a ugp

I would suggest reassessing that. Look at some of the people locked up in psych wards that were occultists.

people ik went crazy after i summoned a spirit they werent occultists and they had no history of illness

You completely missed my point but im not wasting my time on this anymore. I’ve had enough I’ve said what I’ve had to say.

you said many occultists have gone crazy i responded accordingly no i did not miss your point

i never said i went crazy

and most people ik arent occultists

plus i said my own gnosis would not cause someone else to go crazy