Trying to save a relationship with Great Duke Dantalion and King Paimon but everything seems to backfire!?

Our relationship started extremely well for about 1 and a half month then my significant other started to act spiteful and mentioning the name of a person who used to be our friend and telling me to go hang out with that person instead every time I invited her to do something.

She completely lost trust in me and went overboard and obsessive about it, implying I wanted to be with that person and she was merely a second option and the way I lived for our relationship was me trying to forget that person and not because of my appreciation for her …
PS: me and that person never had any interest in one another, I don’t talk to that person for 5 months and likely didn’t even have compatible sexual orientation to begin with…

I tried to contact the Great Duke Dantalion about my relationship multiple times and the results go ON and OFF for months. Last time I tried to show I was very serious about it and gave him a blood offering and simplified the task trying to make myself easier to understand. I’m still waiting for the results.

I also made a petition to King Paimon concerning a specific task that would help me with my relationship but was not directly related to love affairs. The task was to make my significant other forget about that person for my significant other was wronging me and accusing me a lot even against physical evidence like screenshots of conversation that prove her wrong…

The serious part:

Today a friend of her came talking to her and supported her paranoia and she went MAD, laughing of hate level of mad, and said she would call the police if I tried to get close to her again… the thing is, I have no records of violence nor police records and I am actually very submissive and calm during our arguments, I have no idea where that comes from. It feels like everything I do is backfiring, and rather unnaturally backfiring…

I’m looking for any advice, I don’t know how to proceed.

Is it possible that I was actually cursed or something ? ?

Is there a reliable way to tell if the entities I asked help from are mad at me or something without having the ability to just call them and hear at will ?

Could anyone who is close to these spirits help me with advice on working with them in this situation or even asking them on my behalf what is happening or how do I get them to help me ?

I have used the search function of the forum but I just can’t solve the puzzle.

Okay, it normally takes 3 months for people to reveal who they really are.


That’s another problem you have to deal with.

You probably need to layer magick with 10 different spirits to fix this toxic relationship.

King Paimon is very much an entity that won’t bring you things that will ultimately not make you happy. I’m not surprised things are backfiring.


King Paimon is very much an entity that won’t bring you things that will ultimately not make you happy. I’m not surprised things are backfiring.

So if I want to reverse the damage and try with a person that is unfair to me I shouldn’t call on King Paimon ? Do you have any recommendations of who I should try to work with in a situation like this?

I don’t know, I was afraid of asking too much of Great Duke Dantalion and thought asking for help from other entities would help and I know they work well together.

Vuall to appear trustworthy

Caim communication

Leraje to end the friendship

and so on, you have a lot of work to do for a relationship that was only good for 6 weeks. You’re just now seeing the real person they could only hide who they were for so long.


I am suffering for about 7 months, being falsely accused daily and crying to exhaustion at least 4 times a week, fun times…

I’ll look into those spirits

Is it worth it?
I would personally do some work on self love and not flog yourself. I’ve been guilty of this. And it’s not impossible to get these relationships back but I would personally consider why you want to before throwing all your energy at this

People are generally a mirror of things going on inside us and we often seek people out to reflect back at us how we feel underneath

You can change it ultimately but I think it’s worth asking yourself why you are allowing this at least


Can we layer petation spell … ?? or evocation is necessary for layering

Or you could move on. You deserve better


I know I do, but I know she is worth it. She is just COMPLETELY BLIND and acting based on what she sees, is there a spirit who can make her see my true self ? idk, like I am not trying to manipulate her against her free will, I just want her to see reality…

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I decided to put all my energy on this months ago when I realised the paranoia was damaging the image she has of me and of herself… she is suffering too.

Thanks for your input, I’ll think carefully about it again.

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Nobody here really cares even if you were that much, I mean we might but it’s not for us to moralise if this is okay or not - that’s up to you and your own moral compass but it sounds like you don’t feel okay about going against her will?

If so… changing you rather than her is key here

Well of course, but there’s also you facing up to your true self. This is a huge amount of effort and okay she’s worth it to you - self love is your answer. This is toxic and harmful to you rn. You know you deserve better so why is the effort on her? She may be suffering and yeah sure help her if you wish but help yourself first bc it’s impossible to help others massively if you’re not in a good place… there’s no energy to do so.

Do you really want her to see you as a man who she can put through suffering and take all his energy up? I just don’t think you’ll acheive the beautiful relationship you’re after without some focus on yourself

If reality is that you’re a lovely man who she would be lucky to keep… own that, feel that, embody that and love yourself

I’m not trying to put you off her… but this is toxic and you hold the power to change that or keep it how it is until there’s nothing left to give to her anyway… and she’ll leave completely. It gets harder in that direction. Not easier.


Well since we are in the subject of king paimon:

He has the power to show you what your true desire is. I suppose you can ask him what you truly desire from this relationship that makes you want to stay with her. That way you will be able to stop pursuing goals that make you suffer and start acting in ways that benefit you mentally now.


…why give this person so much power over your emotions? Take your power back, snap out of it and get to work if you really insist on keeping this person in your life. The advice given by everyone here was very sound. It’s up to you to use it.

Good luck.


I would like to thanks everyone who took the time to read and gave sincere advice, it was indeed helpful.

Also, she was trying to break up with me and the hospital called and something happened with one of her family members, now she seems really lost and with no energy to keep accusing me… so somehow things were kinda/kinda not put on hold but happened in a friendly manner.

I guess it is time to put more work into it, the task seems way above my level of expertise with magick.
I will somehow pull it off, and try update the thread for future readers.

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Which entities will not get you something not good for you?

Doesn’t that clash with the caster’s free will ?

It’s not that King Paimon won’t get you something good. I’m fact I think KP is doing the best thing possible for the OP.



Let’s say if the caster knows it’s toxic but still willingly wants it - what would possibly happen in that situation?

Aren’t daemons and angels neutral that way?

Some of them, it’s just a labels, It would be like saying every American is the same.


They are showing you what you are refusing too see…your holding onto a toxic relationship.
She’s a Narcissist, she’s not blind to what’s happening, that’s her, she’s trying to break you down.
Run while you can.


Depends too on the method being used, is he using Shem or free form to evoke. That’ll make a big difference in what kind of constraints and outcome there will be in my opinion. I agree with @anon8398376 though it appears KP is trying to do the OP a solid.