Trying to help spirits

So often throughout my life I’ve been approached by spirits of the dead and spirits of other realms alike, but at some points the spirits of the dead flock to me. They come in groups and masses to the point that I can’t understand or help any of them, too much noise so to speak. How can i prevent this issue from getting in the way of doing my work? It tends to get in the way of most of my practices. Not to mention my day to day life, I can’t express how difficult it is to be at my day job and be surrounded by dozens of spirits. Any advice would be appreciated my friends.


I will share with you my theory that could aid your approach -

Have you been able to discern whether they are actual spiritual entities as such, or are they astral forms of the spirits? If they are astral forms, they are fundamentally semi-sentient programs within the astral light, and as such, they are basically roaming thought forms of the individuals.

If that is the case, then you need to understand what they want and need. They are like memories trying to remember. They are looking for the connection back to either the soul or the body. They cannot account for their own existence, this is why they wander.

If you could find a way to address as many as possible simultaneously, you could perhaps direct them to a methodology toward gaining knowledge of themselves, in which case they obtain closure and basically cease to exist, not as spirits, but as the astral memories of those spirits.

A technique that comes to mind is you COULD create a servitor you train to repeat a simple explanation of their condition, and then program it to intercept these possibly astral ghosts and direct them to a liminal space (like the void or the light) where they can find closure, and they basically undo themselves.

I hope that’s helpful.


Have you tried setting up wards? Like an energy fence basically so people can’t just wander onto your property without permission. In this case I’d ward the entire perimeter of your house and your job’s location, even if you have to ward the whole block.


Okay so I have discerned that sometimes a genuine spiritual entity is what approaches me, but more times than not I do believe I’m interacting with astral refractions so to speak. Could you elaborate on how I would go about that?

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I have, I’ve laid wards around the entire house, I’ve salted the windows, opened towers to bless the space even. Yet somehow, these spirits still seek me out, always for help in some way or another

Have you created servitors before?

Start working with demons and the spirits of the dead will run away except the ones who are assigned to accompany you.


I don’t believe so

So envision creating with your hands a creature of whatever appearance you wish. I psychometrically sculpt them in great detail through visualization. Then, raise elemental energy appropriate to your need. I would say that air elemental energy is appropriate, as you need the servitor to make discerning and intelligent choices and convey information intelligently. Then, breathe into the servitors face while channeling that energy into it, saying something along these lines- “I name you N. You are created to intercept and instruct astral ghosts who attach themselves to me to go toward the abyss of light where they will recover their bodies and souls. Should you encounter them, instruct them in these words- script. Every two days check in with me and tell me what progress you have made. You are not to deviate from this course of action without my explicit direction. Now, live, and go forth.”

Check in with them every so often and make sure they are keeping to their directed activities.

Okay. Much thanks. I’ll reply in two nights time…

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Two nights have passed, and two nights I’ve slept. Thank you for the guidance, it’s not silence, but there is a huge relief.

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Glad to hear it!