Trying to figure out which Lwa likes…

…boiled eggs, cola and (possibly) fried onions together with lit candles on a white cloth as an offering?

I’ve read Damballah likes eggs but I don’t think he likes the other stuff.

Any clues? No worries if no-one has a clue, just thought I’d throw it out there, see what info I get.

Cola? Nobody likes weak drinks. Add some rum. :slight_smile:

I wasn’t shown rum at all. Where did you get that bit of inspiration from, or are you just chain yanking? :slight_smile:

I’m not joking but even if I was, rum and whisky are much better choices in all situations and contexts.

You’re not planning on drawing Veves and doing a ritual are you? I really don’t recommend that without some proper guidance. Be Careful :slight_smile:

Fuck that. I would not touch that practice with a ten foot pool. As if demons are not dangerous enough if you get a particular nasty one.

Gemma, go to a local botanica in your area, and get a reading to see if you should even be entertaining the idea of being involved with these entities…proceed with caution…this is not a game…THEY will let you know…

Okay, I know you guys mean well, but I have been known to use the old grey matter once in a while. :wink:

Regardless, I’m gonna make this offering as requested. It’s been made crystal clear by the spirit it’s necessary for reasons I won’t disclose. She approached ME and requested I make an offering and she gave me the details. Not the other way around.

I was hoping to figure out through a process of elimination which lwa prefers these items as an offering, out of curiosity. That’s all.

To be fair, I don’t feel intimidated and frightened of the lwa. My internal alarm bells are quiet for once. Will I be cautious? Naturally I will exercise some caution, but it’s just as important to have confidence.

Also, I’m aware of the principles behind making offerings and why we would make them in the first place. I know what they’re for. In this case, I suspect she wants this offering as a way of showing my appreciation, and as a way of establishing a relationship. I know why but I won’t disclose the details of what’s been happening. Just know that I’m not entering into this stuff lightly.


Undeadgod - understood, and Jason Miller also says in his book whisky or rum are a good libation to offer, BUT in this case, if rum or whisky was required then she would have requested that.

If they ask for cola, I wouldn’t assume that they really want whisky or rum, especially if I want to stay in their good books (which I do!).


mundopincha - I do get it. Be warned, my response to your post is blunt, to say the least, since I’m allergic to being patronised. Some of what you say is also inaccurate.

You were warned (even I know you didn`t like it) by other forum member that this particular entities don`t work like this.

Work like what?

By the way, it wasn’t the warning I didn’t like, it was the disrespectful tone the forum member used.

You can`t offer this guys whatever you think is nice, or stuff what YOU would like.

Who said I was planning to make an offering with items that are to my liking?

.they are hot tempered..

According to Houngan Hector, out of the main groups (nations) of lwa, it’s the Petro lwa who are considered to be hot-tempered and aggressive.

But I’ve read that if you seriously upset or let down any lwa, they tend to punish harshly and swiftly, but also that it can often be put right (with some exceptions from what I gathered) with the help of a houngan or mambo. There’s plenty of information from Mambo Racine and Houngan Hector regarding this and I’m sure there are others if you Google. Personally, that’s not enough reason for me to shy away from this type of work.

not some fluffy angelic entity happy with a white candle and a bunch of flowers...

Just out of interest, do you believe that working with angels is in some way inferior?

If you really believe that angels are fluffy then your perception of them is out of whack.

At best wou will be ignored, if not...why do you wanna add some more havoc into your life just because?

Why do you believe that I will automatically be ignored?

If anyone gets ignored when making an offering to a lwa, it’ll be down to any number of reasons such as:

a) not having taken the time and effort to establish and maintain a relationship with the lwa in question first,

b) the lwa in question does not like your offering for some reason,

c) you’ve upset the lwa in some way (and possibly your life will start going wrong in some way as a result, though I’ve also read it isn’t always the case - sometimes it’s just a matter of not giving you what you want), or

d) there’s something else wrong with your intent or request, or you didn’t put enough feeling and intent into the offering, and therefore the lwa is refusing to be called.

Why do you believe that I will automatically cause further havoc in my life by serving this spirit with what she’s asked for?

What about the experiences you had in your old apartment? Do you wanna add pissed voudoun spirits IN TOP of that?

Who said they’re pissed?

What makes you think I will upset them?

Sorry, but I don`t see the point in what you wanna do.

I’m not being funny but I don’t see the point of your post other than it was self-serving in some way. Did it make you feel better to patronise me? Do you somehow believe you’re better than me because…? Cos that’s how your entire post came off.


Jakob, I appreciate what you’re saying and in a way I don’t blame you. Demons are a different kettle of fish and shouldn’t be compared to the lwa. The lwa I’m talking about is nothing like the lowlife (sometimes demonic) entities I’ve had to deal with. She doesn’t come close. She is neutral and means me no harm.


Sinata, thanks for the suggestion.

Looks like no-one here can answer my original question so just let it go for now.


Hey Gemma, I like the attitude to dive in head first. The cautions given to are for good reason, even though it doesn’t sound like you are doing a ritual.
I’m not sure who you are communicating with and what method you’re using but I have a feeling about the cola (still add rum :P) possibly a spirit of the dead. The Ghede enjoy sweets. Tune into that a bit more and see where that may lead.

I was called to initiate into santeria and palo…I still have not(They are not happy) and things said always come to pass…I understand the nature of these entities, and just a brief example, I had a personal effect made, and an ex lover that had ill will towards me was harassed horribly when I was not in the house…To where he was so scared he would not be in the house until I had someone hold it for me temporarily…So, do as you will, I was just letting you know that it is a serious commitment if you follow through on a deeper level, if accepted…

I understand Gemma and I’m sure you know a lot more about what your talking about then I, I’m just relaying what Ive heard and the old saying goes believe none of what you hear and half of what you see. I however am a caring man of most people and just dont like to see anyone get unnecessarily hurt, I wish you all the best.

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Not meaning to hijack this thread but mundopincha why would angels like Michael that you said is linked with the church work with us if what we are doing is against everything the church says?? Ive been wondering this for some time.

Because I don`t think that what the catholic church says is the truth in a lot of cases…its run by men and men are power thirsthy…independant of what mask put themselves on…do you actually believe that everything the church says are facts or the “word of god”???

NO On the contrary I believe they are the exact opposite of the word of god if there is such a thing. Any man who puts his dick in little boys is no man of god. And then to cover up for the bad ones if your not a molester is just as bad. I know what you mean, that’s probably why they confiscated all the works of magick back in the crusade days, so the old bastards could control the masses like the govt and horde power. Thanks for the quick reply. Also if you’ve evoked Michael whats he like?

A Loa ‘told’ you to offer him coke and onion rings but didn’t even give you his name? How do you even know that this spirit is a Loa in the first place?

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In brazil we have candomble, umbanda, kimbanda which have come from Africa…vodoun derivations i guess.
I know some people that got really screwed when dealing with such spirits by ignorance.
The christians call all these african systems as MACUMBA. And it got REALLY popular here.
If people get angry with another, they search for MACUMBA, and they get non traditional rituals and stuff…and the result is not good.

EA loves rum, so by all means try rum luv

I don’t know much about voudon but I know this guy and he is a priest, I have never heard of Loa just asking for coke an onion rings but am I mistaken?