Trying to figure out my essence/Soul type

Okay, so I’ve been trying to figure out what type of soul I have – it’s been very confusing and I’m unsure of anything I’m getting.

I’ve tried higher self meditations (if I have one) and I feel something, most I got was the color “grey”…I always get alot of forest/nature/primal animal like feelings…however I’m unsure.

I’ve also tried to scry a picture of mine. Hmm that turned out interesting. I don’t know if it was an eye trick but while scrying the picture (selfie) got like idk horns/the face became distorted/and grinned at me…??? I’ve done that a couple of times – I also get alot of weird feelings that seem to relate to whatever my selfie is doing.

Then I’ve tried to focus in on my own essence. I don’t really know how to describe my own vibe/feeling…and I struggle to pinpoint what makes up my essence (element wise…)

I’m also considering whether I’m an energy vampire due to reasons but that’s gonna take work to.

I know someone told me that I had a “swampy” feeling to me but I dunno.

I also know that I’m drawn to darker energies and earthy energies, I was considering fae/elemental/ MAYBE demon or something with dark energy/or even djinn?? However I know people aren’t always what they are drawn to.

I’ve been thinking/considering trying to do a scan swap on one of the threads but I’m REALLY not confident in my ability to read/scan someone as I get really confused and this causes me anxiety/etc. So Im trying to continue to figure this out…sigh

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I know people are now encouraged to find labels, and adhere to those, even compete with differently-labelled others, but they can also become limiting beliefs and ultimaterly stunt your evolution.

That’s a known phenomenon when scrying your own face, it happens to a lot of people, including those who don’t practice magick, or don’t ever do anything “dark.”

I mean this in a supportive way - that looks like some sort of “pick your player” thing. You’re human, do the work of using magick to improve your personal life, and the lives of your loved ones, and eventually if you do have some trace of spiritual enerrgy or some inheritance, it will be delivered to you from that work.

But just labelling yourself well in advance is a mug’s game, and more likely to hold you back and fuck you up. I mean this supportively, and hope it’s also read that way. :+1:


I’m aware that im physically human.

I don’t believe that every soul on earth however IS human. Just as there is a vast variety of life on earth, I believe the same for the “spiritual”/energetic side of things. (As above - so below)

Even on earth there are patterns (sacred geometry/etc) that things seem to follow, so I tend to also follow that it must be the same for the other side of the coin ( the spiritual side) – which makes sense to me. Besides the Physical is also energetic just a very dense expression of it (atoms/etc).

Im well aware that Physically I am human, but I also believe that there are different “currents” of energy (like the different elements) and that different soul/creations come from different currents…not all being the same.

Like demons elements are dark energy - that current of energy, humans are more versatile, angels are celestial/light, etc.

The types of beings that I mentioned I was considering wasn’t random, those are based on personal experiences I have had throughout the years.


This might be helpful, I just suggest that you don’t get too invested in that label, that does seem to fuck a lot of people up:


In my opinion knowing what your soul is, is a long journey and there are no short cuts to figuring that out.

Once you learn what your soul is don’t let it consume you like some magicians do, shove it in a box and take that box out when your doing something that your soul can benefit you, after shove it back in the box.
Knowing what your soul is can help figure out what type of magick your better suited to. Also help you learn what potential pantheons, spirits, will be more beneficial to working with.
Perhaps start with Shemyaza or Moloch both can help you connect with your higher self.
Divination would also be a good start, overtime the clue’s will start adding up. Also try to relax and do some scan trade’s with other newbie’s who are learning how to scan.


I agree.

My intention was NOT to let it be all- consuming.
My Physical life is obviously my priority - college, jobs, family, saving up money, exploring all there is to on earth.

I however am curious about my own reason for “being on earth”, and my energetic/spiritual origins. Which I can USE to benefit my physical life here. Through work of rituals/working with deities within my own personal energy current/etc.

If anything, the only real spiritual thing I am concerned about is joining the infernal empire after this lifetime/soul transmutation as a PREPARATION for afterlife. However my life here on earth is precious, and I intend to make the most of it and enjoy it + understand reality as it is.

However I do understand that it’s easy to get caught up in that, however I see life as a balancing act between the two.


I have an easier time scanning people in person, I don’t understand how people can do that stuff online.

I’m still at the stage of getting “feelings” and sometimes mental images when I try and scan myself/others. Which I’m working on trying to interpret, it’s kinda like telepathy - not a strength of mine.

For me it’s confusing. I would relax alittle, but anxiety is a real problem for me ( I have social/general), so if I feel like I’m gonna fail/mess up…usually it’s a no no. I’m definitely considering it, just I really won’t do THAT well…


I find it’s better to get in your practice, as you practice and get to find yourself these things fall into place, I started early in my life, over time certain entities aligned with my ‘true self’ started making themselves known in my life, made a few mistakes here and there but some amazing information came out of it about myself lol.

Sure finding your soul is a fun journey and sometimes it can also be disappointing, I don’t agree that it’s limiting to put a label on it as it also can help you understand things better but not until you understand your path better.

Of couse not everyone needs to or wants to find what they are and prefer to simply live life knowing currently they’re human which is chill, I chose not to personally because I reconnected with spiritual family on top of my physical family, it’s also allowed me to learn about things some might not be able to, because as much as it can be denied, very very few things not everyone can learn to do let alone find spiritual wise, I personally benefited from that, of course I’m not the only one.

Everything you do, online and in person leaves your fingerprint, texting, writing, choice of name/username, all has your signature on it, image unless you drawn it yourself or it’s a picture of you are the only things that are not advised to scan because non original images tend to have the energy all of who used it, think of the Ellis sigil it links places together energetically and has a ton of mixing energies in it.

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Well I’ll be on the scanning threads practicing online scanning then.



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