All paths lead to the end, no matter which we take…left or right. Best to walk the middle. A razors edge, but one worth walking!

Please properly introduce yourself before making any more posts @Willow_123 . It is required. You have already been asked to do so once already, and even gave the post a like. Failure to do so will result in the removal of any subsequent posts you make until our rule is respected.


The paths may lead to an end but the end will be diffrent depending on wich path you take and wich choices you make.


A bit dramatic, no? :smiley: It’s not that bad. There’s also something to be said for “all things in moderation… including moderation”.


All paths lead to the end…dweller of the threshold…angel of presence. Without one the other cannot exist. X

You’re not really making any sense. This feels very… ungrounded, to be honest. Which is not a criticism of you, but more of a request for you to bring this down to Earth.

Why don’t you explain more about what you are trying to say?.. this isn’t a new age forum where everybody will send you hearts for coming up with memes (we have a thread for that though), it’s for practical magick and people are looking for what’s useful in your post. :slight_smile:


Also would you mind very much stopping the kissing people non consensually?

I know “x” is ok in the UK, but this is a global forum, with people from many diverse cultures and you risk offending people who don’t want strangers crossing that boundary. Thanks!

And please make an intro topic as requested before you post again.


As either a advice or philosophy, this post seems not to be friendly to discussion so I’m closing it now.