Truth seekers!

I have created this topic, for new people like myself. Who are unsure, about the ways of this! People who have grown up with this or even those who have recently found they have certain qualities! Who are trying to understand, were there place is, and what they are! Even tho I know the people who respond will take different paths, find their way! That doesn’t concern me…we all start somewhere! This is our starting point, our line in the sand, safety in numbers people!


There’s a whole section for newcomers already made.


Maybe there is a whole section for newcomers already! But it ain’t mine! If people reply, they reply! I’m doing no harm!

Hey, I’m all for it. Just making sure you’re aware so you don’t miss any good information.

Thanks, sorry I mistook your reply the wrong way. Will you please send me these links. Thanks

Laguage loses something once written that only the best of writers can truly convey on paper. I’m in the new area of subjects every day.

Sometimes the best intentions, Carnt be expressed into words. Picture thousand words and all that mate.

It’s time to shine people! X

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Calling all people! Who want truth!


I love superior depth in people. I live for that shit. I can’t sit there and jump into the depth of a puddle. With people, their thoughts, words, actions and most importantly their emotions — I want to tap into it so much that I dive into a pool of collective consciousness.

I want the truth, the questions never end. It can astound me and shock me at the same time. I do know some truths though, that not many others would know, understand or relate to.

Anyhow, enjoy the mystery! That’s what life is about. Are we in control of our own fate? I’m unsure davyboi, we’re in total control of what we can do for ourselves but never external implications that can take a turn within a minute. Life’s a ride.


2 an extent we all control our own fate, but we are all shaped by the Gods, spirits, Etc in ways we don’t see at the time. We receive lessons from them and our higher selves that mold us into our evolved being. So from our (sometimes) unknowing dependence, bloomz our independence.

It used to annoy me that one answer would provoke more questions… but now it is Comfort to me in itself! Everything will never be answered because the universe is ever-expanding and ever-evolving. That’s one thing that gives me hope now.


Unfortunately it’s not superior depth of people! It’s not a puddle I’m asking you to jump in! You replyed, so some part of you acknowledges what I am saying is right?
You say you have truths? Yet you say, you won’t share them? For fear of ridicule, or that people won’t understand? That fear! That ridicule! Is what is holding you back!

Yeah, I resonate with your essence and nonchalant tone you’re bringing to the table. I appreciate the out-there types. The truth comes uninvited at times, and there’s a time and a place for it. Everywhere! Not that I’m holding back on any implementations; need not.

I’m more curious for what you have to say and if I’m in total agreement with it. Yes, sometimes I do hold back in real life from what really should be said. More often than not I try to make a positive impact on the world.

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If you have doubts or are unsure about what I am am saying! Please ask me any questions you like.

Where do you believe you’re currently at with life? What a few profound realisations you’ve had in your life that have shaped your perspective?

Love a good story or four. I’m a novelist for crying out loud! :smile:


Lol! Good question! I dont believe I am anywhere in my life…i am just happy! .I have for many years, pretended that what gifts or curses, which ever way you look at it! I have shunned! I was told and shouted at not to tell people what I know! Only recently I have come to understand and accept what I am capable of, I am still only a beginner. My life now, is what most people would think as good! Decent job, own house, my soul mate to share it with! I have always been blessed, looked after by a half-dead women who has haunted my dreams from a child! Yet I have always have , and truly understand my path is truth! To learn! To help! Hahaha? Why do you think my motivation is not truth?

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Hello people, I have slowly been learning, trying to understand what I am, what I can do and what I am capable of…this is spiritually be the way, I have been surprised by the results, dreams and déjà vu and just sheer perception know I have started to look outside the box.
I wanted to share this
But there was always something in me that I wasn’t sure of, an uneasy feeling…a spiritual and physical knot, this is what I think has stopped me from having and predicteding my own outcomes, also which has left me open to energy vampires, and my empathetic abilities being used by myself without regard for myself…to involved.
I have been trying to find my center, in the physical world! In the spiritual world I have always had dreams of me getting my strength, by me in the centre of a hurricane, the eye of the storm is peaceful, after my dreams I wake refreshed…
I have now mastered finding my energy in the material world…lol…I have finally centered myself!

So do you agree with what I am saying then?

Truth and knowledge is power. If you want to learn grow with future knowledge with truthful, accurate divination. The first and best step in magic. Without knowledge, one cannot be successful. To grow in one’s career, gaining as much knowledge as possible is important. Knowledge is also very important to shape our personality and perfect our behavior and dealings in business and socially.

Seeking truth means keeping an open mind. Learning often challenges our assumptions don’t ignore the ideas that conflict with yours. Decide what kind of knowledge you are looking for. Get out of your own comfort zone in order to succeed. Don’t be afraid to fail.

What happens if you are born with divination? And a whole lot more? Have that curse/ability…and you looking around at people who crave, wish for, petition for what you have? And yet people speak truth, knowledge?
Walk a mile in a man’s shoes! And you will understand! Believe me it’s not what everyone thinks it is!

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