True significance of 10 of swords? LHP

Hail Black Dragon Chavajoth!!!

For LHP the tarot card, 10 of swords is the adversary of the abrahamic troll: he vau he yod, namely malkuth in yetzirach. Actually the meaning is more like finishing a process and step in a new project. New beginnings with Satan’s power.

10 of swords is also the tarot card of one of the most beloved demons. ⛧ Linan tasa jedan Paymon!!!

Malkuth in Yetzirach is the material world in the astral world. Is also astral rising, a very powerful technique what magicians and witches use to get in touch with demons and Gods. It can be dangerous sometimes.


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What makes you say that? Were you meditating on the card?

The commonly accepted meaning is indeed the dark night before the dawn, possibly a blessing in disguise, but could just be the dead end of a shitty road. Depends on the other cards around it, doesn’t it.


And whether you’re asking about a new job or a love interest, or will your dog or that relative of your’s survive - doesn’t it? Depends on whether you consult divination as a King or Queen or as a dickhead at parties. I always consult Taro and I Ching as a fucking King and I get the appropriate answers, although the same is true if you consult them as I did for too many years, as a fucking arsehole.

P.s Try the inverted pentagram spread and you seriously workout for yourself what each card position signifies and its relationship to the other four cards in the spread before you even attempt an ‘exercise reading’. It’s short, ‘simple’ and a real treasure. Trust me.