True divination using achient standing stones

This is European magick to the highest degree and shouldn’t be used for selfish reasons as your harvesting certain solar energy and erth based energy which entails a certain level of dharma and good karma for this to work as its RHP magick.

The process of cleansing the mind and soul through walking.
The old Europeans used to clean the soul through pilgrimage( which is a concept older then to christianity) through the process of getting closer to your god by walking and letting the mind connect to the surroundings and to be cleared of all negative spirits and energies and connect to the nature spirits these walks used to go on for days as the standing stones used to be in certain spots where the energy and the lines of energy met. People used to go to these stones as a pilgrimage to have a cleansed soul to heal themselves on a material basis and a transcendental basis.
Solar to erth vibrational energy which is used to heal by the crystal content which emit frequencies through the light which lines up in the stone abit like the laser and mirror trick you do in science class but with sun Ray’s and frequency and perfect harmonisation by the knowledge of what rocks to use etc etc. This then concentrates and generates the solar energy within a centre of power. The power centre in druid or Gaelic is
ionad cumhachta. You have to go to these power centres on the astrological day for when they where set up for (stone henge) is a shitty example as it’s been moved and it’s for the autumn equinox not for the summer solstice there are different stones for different reasons fertility(impregernating with light) Various equinotic calendars solstices etc so they have different properties but in this one I’m going to explain the various of magickal acts in the first quarter to equip you with the purity so you can ascend through the light and actually have the knowledge and wisdom of the true gods not demons acting as gods. So the first process is to set out when your pilgrimage is going to start if you live in Europe look the for the standing stones in your country. Stenness and Callanish are the stones of the spring. Stone Henge is the stone of the autumn equinox. For each stones you go to for each equinox as listed you have to do pilgrimage at night to let the moon get rid of all the negative energy so that in the day the sun can cleanse it. I’d set off about 3 am. I’d also set off a few weeks before the equinox or solcitces as you’ll be on foot so ittl take a little longer but that’s the whole essence of the ritual your about to do.
Getting to the standing stones. Once you have got to the standing stone of the desired magickal binding for this I’m going by solar solstice if you get to a solar stone at the night meditate there until the dawn rises on the solstice and you’ll feel a vibrational rise if sat in the correct centre and feel a veil of cleansing arise.
The winter solstice will give you information and knowledge subconsciously of lunar and magick and knowledge of the darker days and how to harvest it to manifest it . You get the point.
I would like to go into more detail but I’m lazy even though the godess that taught me this knowledge told me I need to fully list it in detail but you get the gist of it with this paragraph I put I hope if theres any questions I can go into more detail over a private message because this has really helped me charge alot of magickal energy from the source itself

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Interesting, please do consider hsaring more if the goddess permits?

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If you message me I’ll go into extensive detail.

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