True Display Of Power

This is something that happened to me a year ago but wanted to share since I feel really grateful for the great protection Ismaelta has bestowed upon me.

So while I was at work there where this group of people from the little caesars next door with whom I would avoid because I just simply didn’t like their vibe and personally was busy on my thing and they kinda noticed this became somewhat frictious with me, then they started to become a little bit more friendly but for some reason I would just not eat it, then one of them came to me to give me a free pizza. When they did this I just thought of Troyan horse lol. I accepted it with skepticism and in my mind called on Ismaelta and told him that if the pizza had something on it, to do something against them and the Idea to close the store came to me most probably was his Idea which I accepted and then told in my mind but how will I know it was you? and the image of a work shirt from these guys in my room popped which then I said with skeptisism towards him I accept that as a prove. I just ate a slice because I just had a bad feeling about it and gave the rest of the pizza a way.

2 months passed and the store closed completely. By the 3rd month a little caesars shirt appeared on my closed. Never has come to my home anyone with a little caesar shirt neither I know or have friends who work in there so there is no logical reason why this would appear on my room. I still have the shirt. And the store remained closed for about 8-9 months.

Also before evoking Ismaelta sometimes when I would think about magic I would feel dragged away or just suddenly really tired or by one reason or another I would just be unable to progress or simply work on my magic. Ever since I had evoked Ismaelta I’ve never felt like that anymore and I’ve just evoked him a single time.


So, DID the pizza have anything on it?