Troublesome neighbourhood

Hi guys!

I moved to a new country and I look VERY different and have been facing some blatant racism and ignorant attitude.

Please understand I have take the route of “talking it out” and reaching authorities against these individuals that has not worked hence need your help

    We share a common wall- that is my room wall and they are screaming and howling every night until 3am. I hate this- they start at 9am and go on until 3am. It sounds petty but it’s getting to me. When I told them this they mocked me and started banging the walls

  2. Adolescents In neighbourhood
    This topic is a little sensitive to me. Once they ganged up on me and one kid literally touched my private part in public and before I could grab him and tell him anything they all laughed and ran away. This happened near the metro station
    One time I was walking looking at my phone and the kid legit said “MOTHER FUCKER” and ran away. Same kid

I feel helpless because I am a foreigner and the people just don’t care. I am so angry

I wanna hex them. Help me how. Please.

I moved this to the Baneful Magick section, instead of the general Black Magick section. It seems more fitting to the topic.

Try a freezer spell to bind them away from acting against you. Search this forum - there are a few posts on how to use poppets in freezer spells, or google. A poppet for your neighbour and one for the main bully would be a good start.