Troublesome neighbor


Mine would be to do some form of working to ensure that she goes and plays the bastard thing somewhere else - I wouldn’t at that point care if she won the lottery and bought a mansion, met a wonderful lover with a better piano, or whatever: that simple thing of her playing elsewhere would be my aim, and it leaves the channels for it to happen nice and wide so my working can take whatever route works fastest.

She could, as you said, have a really good reason for doing it, which if she was a friend I would think was legit, so I wouldn’t try to bring that in or try to judge her on what she’s doing beyond that fact she needs to NOT be doing it all over MY peace of mind.

I may choose to throw in “without harming anyone” because that’s how I do stuff unless it’s really worth the bother of being actively malevolent. So my next move would be to ask trusted entities 1. who do I approach for this/what method do I use, and 2. do a quick bit of divination to confirm ahead of time that the working will succeed as planned.

Oh and PS I actually did something like that recently with an overweight upstairs neighbour who threw parties all the time and STOMPED everywhere so hard, I was scared she was actually damaging the place.

She left 2 weeks after I did the working, using my “If I was a goddess…” method. I have no idea where she went because upstairs is a shared flat, and I don’t care, but I do know she was supposed to be there until the end of the school year in July.

Contagion magick, dress her door handles and lay a little powder at her door step if your able to do so discreetly and you know it can’t be traced back to you.

You could send the LWA to cripple her hands or make her go deaf, that would teach her to enjoy her hobbies in her own home.

I had two neighbors is an apartment above me once, they were really overweight (I’m a tubby bitch so I know what I’m talking about) they would literally make my ceiling flex as they walked. The worst was the sex, I don’t know how but they somehow mastered how to use their girth and momentum to have marathon sex sessions…hours of loud moaning, ceiling flexing, wood creaking sex and sometimes I could hear her vibrator when he finally stopped to get a breather. I was afraid to sleep in my bed when they were going at it, I kept waiting for the ceiling to fall and crush me under them. When they weren’t fucking they were fighting so I took he mundane approach and complained a lot and called the cops when I heard them getting physical and her crying and screaming. They eventually got evicted and my next neighbor was suicidal and the cops were there constantly so I gave up and bought a house. So perhaps you could get her evicted or find a better place for yourself.

I dealt with noisy neighbors a few weeks ago. They thought partying at 4 am on a Sunday night was a good idea, and even before that, they were constantly loud, so I evoked the local police. They’ve been relatively quiet ever since. If they start up again, i will do ritual to move them on to a “better place,” said better place to be determined by how angry they make me.

My MAGICAL plan, if my neighbors start up again (and they will 'cause they’re just that kind of people) will most likely be some baneful magick to move them on. Perhaps a haunting.

I’d do the same to your fictional piano player. If I was on neighborly terms with her, I’d find out her fears and prey on them. Most people are pretty quick to sell a haunted house :slight_smile:

You make them go play elsewhere. For example if she’s teaching, she could go do it elsewhere, through any number of mechanisms, like getting hired to teach in a school, or being offered better premises, or she could move out, or get busted if the local authority where you live doesn’t allow people to run a business from their home without paying extra taxes.

I’m just saying that for clarity, not to hard-sell my idea! :slight_smile:

Fucking hilarious, mate LMFAO

I have a neighbour, below me who keeps playing the piano. But I’m not bothered by that since I find it likeable somehow, well but I suppose out of all the things that have been stated, the first reaction for me is …

- have the mind's target influenced by a spirit so that the target doesnt want to play anymore.

Mental and emotional manipulation!

But really, TWF. You got some weird annoying shit.

I’d use my house of cards curse to cover all my bases, since it’s intended to bring everything crumbling down around the victim.

Owns the apartment? Not for long
Making noise for her business? Business goes bad
Wants to play for fun? Health won’t let her.

I have a neighbour and she owns two beautiful huskies, she leaves them for days on end with no food or water. She goes on drink and drugs binges and doesn’t give a shit about them. She is a selfish cow, men come and go in and out of the house like it was a brothel and she plays loud music at all hours.

The point is if I contact animal control I am scared these dogs will be put to sleep. I want them rehomed and I want her fox trot oscar! Any thoughts, if I had the room I would offer to take the dogs as she doesn’t want them, they live in their own poo, it is so cruel but I have two dogs already and a cat!

I can’t stand her, no animal should have to go through this, I have said to her but she seems to be from a different species as my words go over the top of her Miley Cyrus styled head!!

Wow, crappy situations.
I would simply bind the lady. Even if she’s annoying as fuck,I don’t think this case truly warrants cursing action.

The Animal abuser should be treated much more harshly. Burn a black vagina candle dressed in black arts oil. Rub cal De Mexico on it with red peppers and pins to dry her pussy.
Have you considered finding somebody who does want them and asking the lady got the dogs then giving em away?

@TWF : you made me laugh with your neighbors' story haha :D Little powder at her doorstep ? If you mean hot food powder I doubt it will work. Why ? Because she doesn't rent the place. She owns the place. Making someone leave a place when this is a rental is way more easy than making go away a landlord. Sorry for the question but what is "contagion magic" ? Otherwise, no I wont call the Lwas for such a mundane task, even if it's a really pain in the ass. Lwas are great ancestral spirits I will not bother with that.

Contagion magick is something the target comes in contact with ex powders, oils etc. you push your intent into the object and then leave it for your target to stumble across.

You could use compelling, commanding, powders etc to help influence this person so that they are more easily malleable to the will. A less aggressive approach would be sweetening work, you could pray over sugar and use it to make a batch of cookies or muffins, stop by and have a friendly cup of coffee with her as she eats your spell and you explain the problem and ask if there is anyway the two of you could come to a mutually advantageous or at the least amicable compromise.

Euoi, she is a twisted bitch, if I asked around for a decent person it would only make her keep them and neglect them even more. Last summer she left them with no food or water for five days, I had to climb her fence and put the hose into plant pot to give them water! She has a little 6 year old son who stays with her also and they have no heat as she puts all her money up her nose, sometimes I see her bring the child into the house at 2am in the morning on a school day! I sometimes think about getting Social Services involved but I can’t bring myself to do it. She roars at the boy all the time, I heard her say, ‘what the fuck are you following me for?’ last night. A real nasty piece of work in my opinion. She has that I come first motto…

@The Eye

How old is she? Maybe, a BIG maybe, she’s trying to fulfill some emptiness, maybe something she’s missing in her marriage. Is she attractive somehow? You could have a hot spirit to enflame her and the mailer or the milk guy in lust, so the bitch would have no more time to play the piano. Also, lust spells tend to be quite easier to be done. Turn her into a lone ninfo with time available, so you will keep her busy without hurting her. Maybe she even get divorced and leaves the place lol!


This is the kind of nasty bitch I cant stand for, IMO this bitch has to suffer and get into deep delusion untill she either makes herself up into a better person ot dies in misery and soul famine. Obviously, the kid must be taken care, so I’d do a working to open his life path and ensures he will have a positive life besides all he lived through.

I can’t remember who the author was, but I recently read a book that brought up a story about a magician who was having problems with an obnoxious neighbor. They went to their teacher and asked how they should handle the problem.

The teacher said to take a poppet and nail it to one of the neighbor’s trees. The magician was horrified and said, “I don’t want to actually hurt her! What will that do?” The teacher smiled and said “It will scare the hell out of her.”

So the magician did just that. Needless to say, the neighbor wasn’t an issue afterwards :).

While you’d have to be stealthy and cautious to do something like this, sometimes all it takes it letting the neighbor know you won’t be pushed around. It’d take far less energy and effort on your part, as well. Just a thought.

Diazin, I agree with what you are saying. It gets worse as my other neighbour (the nice one) has just told me that her current beau who is over with her tonight is a married man with kids and sure enough I look out the window and in her driveway there is a car with a baby seat.

Three different men stayed over last week now Mr Married, I hate living beside her as she has this smug look on her face and walks about as if to say I can have any man. Her backyard is a cesspit and the council only came out once, she maybe gave the guy from the council a favour lol.

The Archangels may be good allies for the child but for her I reckon a nice lesson of some description. Euoi your candle sounds appealing lol…

The Eye:

Your solutions IMO should have more aspects to them. You don’t just want this person to stop playing and throw it out, there are different aspects you can attack to ensure destruction of the nuisance.

For instance, you can cause structural damage by way of storm. If you do that you might experience some nastiness, so this should not be undertaken unless proper preparations are made.

Charge a field and place it outside the house to keep wealth and happiness out. Poverty should ensue within a month, two at the max.

You can be pretty mean and deafen AND blind them, but if you choose one deafen them. Let them lose the happiness that the art brings them.

Attack their physical and mental health. Study the victim. How do they walk? Talk? What do they do when nobody is talking to them? Analyze before striking. When you have found a weakness (let’s say she’s got an odd gait- could be a sign of a weak bone or other disease, or recent injury) amplify that as much as you are capable of. The golden target here is the finger- all of them.

A car veering into her house and by chance hits her piano can also assist you in this matter.

Calmbeforestorm: Animals are a favorite of mine, and I take their abuse very VERY seriously.

First, the men. The easiest way to attack her might be by destroying her capability to attract males. Fields are useful here, especially if you charge one around her to bring her as much misfortune and pain as possible for her to endure. If I were you I’d swing this bitch between life and death like a fucking pendulum.

Attack her genitals by way of evocation, if you have the ability. If not, a shield and a field in that general area should repel men.

Now, I am going to suggest something none have suggested (to my degree) and that is torture her. You must cripple her wealth (easy done by fields and visualization, thoughtforms and demons also help) and status. Alert the authorities to the conditions of the huskies (my favorite breed of dog) and have them strike when she is not present. After they are saved, the bloodletting should begin.

Wither her chakras. Invert them, suck them dry, and send spells to rip them apart. When you receive knowledge that her chakras are down, move on to alteration of her energetic body. Invert that too because fuck her. Astrally dissect her (gives you a chance to learn of astral biology) and implant a magical virus into her systems.

When that’s done, then the brain needs to be attacked. Cast demons within her, make her see hallucinations and reduce her to blabbering nothingness. If you play your cards right the target will end up in a psych ward.

Either magically assassinate her from there, or force a tornado to attack the place.

Crush the bitch to smithereens.

Shit, now I’m mad. Do you know her name?

Don’t submit,

You want to cripple your neighbor because she plays the piano? Why not just make her more receptive to you and obedient, so you can talk to her and tell her not to play between certain hours? That would be much less… bloody.

My honest answer is, do whatever kind of working to get the spirits to make her simply stop playing the piano all day.

In other words ask for the result you want, and leave the fine details to whatever method you choose to employ, to work out, so they (who know more about her than you can) can use the most effective stuff available.

Can I bore you with my reasoning? If not, click away now! :o)

  1. they’ll know better than you what can be done - I have no idea of her age, or how happy her marriage is, how secure their mortgage payments (if any) are, or how frail her Great Aunt Anna (who’s leaving her a mansion in her will) may be, but maybe she’s moments away from some kind of life-changing stuff, good or bad, and they can advance that slightly and make it happen before you go crazy;

  2. she could be a really legit sound good person who, if you knew her reasons, you’d be totally supportive of - or she could be some kind of serious life-wrecking criminal (there are plenty out there) who her victims’ deceased spirits are “on the other side” just begging and hoping for someone to sic a spirit onto her - you literally have no idea, unless you’ve read on her at length using tarot or something, so again giving it to a spirit to handle makes more sense;

  3. there’s stuff we just don’t know - recently I was handed a business offer by a guy who seemed legit, had all the reputable stuff going for him - I did a reading on him using the Napoleon’s Oraculum book I rate very highly, turned out that it said the guy was a complete flake. Quelle surprise, a few days later I got confirmation, but if I’d inked a deal with him, it would have been too late by then. That move alone saved me thousands, and probably a metric ton of stress and worry and regret, etc.

That’s my thinking - spirits know stuff we don’t, therefore let 'em do the heavy lifting. Trying to plot out how they should route the cause of her stopping playing her damned plinky-plonk is a waste of your time.

IMO. :slight_smile:

I think my house of cards curse would be well suited for this situation. It’s intended to bring everything crumbling down around the victim. Relationships, finances, job, everything. That covers all the ways listed to make her stop.

That’s my preferred method of cursing someone. Use something that will capture their attention and steer their thoughts to dark places. Use their own innate magical ability to curse themselves.