Triangle of Apep: Pushing the Triangle of Manifestation Past Critical Mass

I revised this same Rite i previously posted to fuckin kick it up 11 notches. It was intense as a motherfucker.

What You will Need

● You

● 3 Black Candles

● Sigils

● A Shit ton of Will

● No Fear.

What to Do

  1. Copy these Sigils

This is a Seal I creates to Increase the Scrying abilities of the Sorcerer. Its also extremely Satanic and Will increase the Intensity of the Ritual

This is a seal of the Same Nature.

This Seal serves to Unleash and Unlock the Hindu Demons known as Asuras. A shit ton of them.
It also serves to Unlock the Bindu Chakra.

  1. Align The Candles

Place the candles in the shape of A Triangle on your Altar.
Place the Sigils under the Candles. One for each candle

  1. Opening of Light/Darkness, Space, and Sound

Starting at the Top Point of the Triangle, call forth The Asuras:

"I command and call for Blood to seep through the walls of this Temple and rise through the floor and drip from the ceiling. Let the Hands of Shiva break The chains on the Devils and Deliver them unto this Temple. Let the Hands of The Unknown, of Chaos, grab the Temple walls and shake hold them steady to contain the Asuras that shall be brought forth.
Asuras, Rise from the Sea of Blood and Stand in this temple! Rise! In the Name of Shiva, Rise!

Next, proceed to open the seal at the Lower left point of the Triangle:
"I call forth the Demons and Devils and Emissaries of Darkness into this Temple. I call forth Hell itself to stand with me and bear witness to this rite.

Next, the Lower right point of the Triangle:

"Let the Celestial Angels descend and raise this temple to be a Pillar of Hell, of Infernal Intensity.
Let the Celestial Angels descend and the Demons rise to meet them!

Start again at the top candle and compress The whole Light spectrum into the candle.

Move to the lower left and compress the whole Sound spectrum into that candle.

Compress the whole spatial spectrum into the candle at the right.

The Rite: Calling Forth Apep

If you havent already died or Gone insane, you may proceed to Call forth Apep.

"APEP…I call you forth into this temple to Enter me. Devour me whole. Every bone, muscle, organ and cell. Devour my Mind, body, and Spirit. Rip me Asunder and impale me with power!
… (let your own words flow from your mouth in a spontaneous Oration to Apep…

After This point, you will be nearly exhausted.

"Apep, I give up the ghost. I sacrifice my Imperfections for Perfection. I sacrifice my Weakness for Power. I sacrifice my mortality for perfection. I relinquish the privelege of dying. And i sacrifice my Spirit and my Status as Human.

Inhale deeply, feeling your spirit gather into you.

Exhale, saying, “I give up the ghost” and feel your spirit leave through your mouth.

You will have died and Apep will have entered. You will be alive and breathing physically but will be a dead man walking. We all know that feeling.

As Apep slithers through you, Say,

"I have sacrificed my Spirit and its old life for it does me no good and serves me no purpose. I take into myself a new Spirit. One of Darkness, one of Power.

Feel your new Spirit enter through your mouth.

Take a moment and reflect.
You will still be a dead man walking, but there will be something incomprehensibly dark brewing on the inside.

Let Apep leave when he Wills to Leave.
Blow out the Candles and meditate on ChakraVartin, And Introducd yourself as A Perfected being.

Look him in the eye and say the words that come to you.


This shit was hella intense for me. I still feel the power even as i type.
May you feel the same power as well.


Lol thnks @HermesHorse for the Correction
Dont know how i missed that :joy::metal:

Haha! I didnt think you were a Grammar Nazi lol😂
And yeah, it tells everything :smiling_imp:

Moves in closer, exaggerated whisper


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I know this is an old post but when it comes to the manifestation will it be fully in the mind or will an external manifestation occur or does it all just depend?

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Ok… by just looking at this sigil while reading this post, i started to feel a pressure building behind my Bindu Chakra. I’m still feeling the residual effects. Mind you I have never practiced any rituals/chakra work etc.

I must say this is impressive.

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It depends @TheMagi on how developed your senses are and how far you go into TGS. You WILL feel shit, but the degree of manifestation depends on your senses.

But who knows? You may get a physical manifestation just by trying :smiling_imp:

Thanks man!
Did you try the whole rite?

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No. I’m on a different path right now. I literally just watched your sigils and felt the energy. Something I’ve never felt before. Those sigils are powerful. They radiate alot of energy. How did you come up with them?

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When i draw them i let the Artistic symbols flow
And of course i decide by logic as well which symbols go where as I channel it.

Then i charge them.
Sometimes they come already charged

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Interesting. Well these are great.

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Okay because I’ve been trying to work on my astral senses and I’m going to use your Azazel Trance Method soon. But even with articles like this

I’m still having trouble finding actual exercises to do. Yeah, they did a good job at explaining what they are but there isn’t much stuff to actually use in it. Maybe a small tidbit on structuring but doesn’t really give me any insight on practices I can do to see results. Great for helping me understand it a bit better not great for giving me advice on what to do. Even with practicing some stuff they gave it hasn’t been effective.

Just be cool to do this and help my abilities. I do believe in this stuff but in honesty, I have no proof besides the people on the forums. They give me inspration to keep going and pratice but it still doesn;t count as personal proof for me. As a person of logic and philosphy I know I have tro suspend disablief at some point and I know this stuff isn’t fact and I belive in it but its just belief at this moment and noithing more

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Ill make a post on this shit later

Thank you, You’re very helpful on the forum. We are happy to have you here

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