Travel abroad/job abroad magick!

Is there any ritual/magick that can increase thé chance of working abroad or getting a work visa in a dream country? If anyone knows, please share with me! Thank you…

Work on your career and having something to offer, for example by enhancing your ability to study/train to a high level, to give a good impression, and to manoeuvre the right people at the right time to be meeting you every step of the way.

King Paimon seems like a good spirit to begin working with for this.

Hi!! thanks for your reply. I was actually talking about getting a sponsorship visa for a certain period of time. I am currently working in a MNC company but the chances of getting a project abroad is quite thin.
On the other hand, Years ago, one of my friend was working in another company and had the dream of working in Australia. Within 3 months, (i don’t know from nowhere), he got the chance to go to Australia to handle some new Projects and its been 5 years, he’s still there working, because his work permit is extended. I don’t know whether I should rule in the luck factor or the LOA in action, but he had no intention to work in that company that led him to Australia. He was mainly trying to get into Amazon Inc. but couldn’t qualify in the 3rd interview round.

Once Dalai Lama said,“Sometimes, not getting what you want is a great stroke of luck”. In his case he didn’t get into Amazon but was able to go to his dream place to work, which was his prime focus.

Well, now back to my case, I know I’m hard working(lol, I’m not blowing my own trumpet :D)because I do what I love. The only thing that’s bothering me is that currently, luck is not in my favour. I’m trying to change the company hoping that I’ll land in an organization where it can take me to my dream place. [I hope I’m not asking too much :-|]
I also believe in LOA and I’m using it everyday because I believe that The Universe can align itself and plan a way for me but I also want to energize it with ritual and magick to make the vibration of my will more powerful.
Anyways, thank you very much and I look forward to working with Lord Paimon.

Cheers and Regards,

Magick should manipulate luck in your favour - talented people get passed over by bosses while talentless people or those who are in the right place at the right time get the breaks.

This is workplaces everywhere on the planet, and probably through all times in history, because people (bosses & decision makers) are not psychic. :slight_smile:

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Yes! There is :slight_smile: And I’m a living proof of it. I moved to another country 16 years ago. That was my desire for a long time. I simply visualized it and enjoyed my imagination. In my imagination I was already there. It was no chore or a task, I visualized it every night before going to sleep because it was enjoyable. I even got the same car from my imagination to go with my visa. Haha. No, seriously, it really worked. And I did not work hard on anything at all. Just moved here, got married to a foreigner just like I imagined. And I didn’t even practiced magick than. You already mentioned LOA, well, you are on the right track.

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Thanks Lilith, Your story gave me some boost to continue with my LOA practice. I hope you are enjoying your best of health in your dream country. Regards and Blessings!!
Cheers :wink: